Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lisa. Faking it. And her friend.

Lisa came over this morning, it was our first time for a couple of weeks. Last time had been at her place and I was a bit nervous because her husband's stuff is everywhere and it all felt a bit strange. I go into guest-mode when I'm at someone else's place anyway, and fucking a married woman in her own house unsettles me somehow.

But at my place today it was a different story. We chatted for a bit then fucked. She loves it in the ass and I especially like fucking her in the ass when she's on her back so I can watch her play with her pussy at the same time. I'm having a lovely vivid flashback right now, in fact.

At one point I was about to come, so I stopped, and told her why. "If I come", I said, "the show's over, I can't come twice in a session". She seemed surprised, "but you came twice the first time we fucked". She has a terrifyingly good memory and I realised that I must have faked it. At least the first time I "came". I said that I must have been inspired that first time and that seemed to satisfy her.

Afterwards we had lunch and she was telling me about a friend of hers who she tells all her secrets to, and how she'd told this friend about me and had even shown her a picture of me, which I found very amusing. And then she nearly fell off her seat.. the friend had walked into the restaurant. This is such a superb coincidence that even as I write this I'm wondering whether I made it up, but I didn't. The friend's early 30s, dark-haired, very attractive. She came over to talk to us, and Lisa introduced me without any explanation and I knew that the friend knew exactly who I was. I so love this.

After we left the friend texted Lisa to say that she thought I was hot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rather a busy day yesterday.

I got a text from Sarah on the weekend asking if I was free at all during the week for a 'catch-up' and I said that it was a busy week and wasn't sure etc. So she emailed me her schedule and told me exactly when she was able to come by and invited me to pick a time, and I ignored it overnight and the next morning was just about to send her a text saying that I was sick or out of town or something and I realised that I was actually horny.

I'd been a bit off-color for a couple of weeks. A slight uneasiness in my groin, my cock a bit tender, the very tip of it quite sore. Everything still worked ok, I could get a hardon, I could come, but it all felt a bit tentative. I went to see Dr Dick the Dick Doctor and he said that it probably wasn't your usual cock-rot (for which he ordered all the usual tests anyway) but was more likely prostatitis, which apparently reflects as pain in the cock especially at the tip. He prescribed me something for that, and even by the time I ran into him at the gallery thing on Thursday I went to with Claire (where I ran into Terri.. and how I wish I could have introduced those two to each other) I was feeling much better. And it turns out I come back completely clean for all the usual social diseases.

So as I was thinking about having Sarah come over I could feel an unfamiliar stirring in my pants... it was working again! She came over yesterday before lunch and she was barely in the door before I had her half-undressed and we were both quite worked up, and I didn't have to think what am i dong next, or when's this over?, instead I was able to follow my instincts and it all went beautifully and when I fucked her it had a real agreeable urgency about it which we both love. Afterwards we lay about in my bed and talked about food a while, then we fucked again. And again, that urgency, that primitive lust. It's back!

She sent me a text that afternoon: "that was utterly gorgeous today, on every level. so glad you're back in form". Which was good. Then just as I was giving myself a pat on the back for that I got a text from Rhonda, about whom I've written once or twice. She was in town and wanted to know if I was free that night. Usually I'm not but as luck would have it I did have a free evening so I said I was up for just about anything.

So I met Rhonda and a friend of hers, Brian, for dinner. Brian's married, stocky, masculine early40s, and also from out of town and he and Rhonda, it transpired, met at a conference once and occasionally get together and fuck. I was charming at dinner, of course, and then we went for a walk around my neighborhood, then back to Rhonda's hotel room. I had no idea how much she'd told Brian about me, but once she got me undressed Brian started sucking my cock so I figured she must have told him at least something. It was, as it turned our, Brian's first time sucking cock and he did a very good job. But then again, guys usually do. We know cocks. He seemed quite pleased with himself. I'm guessing that he had confided to Rhonda at some stage earlier in the day that he was kind of interested in maybe sucking a guy's cock and Rhonda would have said "I know just the guy.. and he only lives 5 minutes from here!".

Brian and I fucked Rhonda, and I of course fucked her in the ass. But not before I'd gotten Brian up on all fours, lubed him up and slid my cock into his ass. For a first-timer he did very well and he was quite pleased with himself and very grateful. In a blokey and very masculine sort of way, of course. It turned out that we both support the same football team and we both grew up in the same part of rural Victoria and were, hence, probably distant relatives.

I was chatting with my friend Mary today and she said that I'd been seen out in the neighborhood with someone and wondered who it was. She said I was with an attractive woman and a man. I texted her back "We both fucked her, then I fucked him while she watched. Quite fun really. How was your evening?"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A quick note on pets.

In a post earlier today I mentioned that I'm on an actual dating (as opposed to fucking) site, and that one of the filters I use on that is that I won't follow up with anyone who has a pet. I was chatting about this earlier today with someone (you know who you are!) and she said, not unreasonably, that this sounded a bit restrictive. It's alright for me not to have pets if I don't want to, but why rule out dating someone just because they have a pet?

A few reasons (and I've made these up after writing the no-pets rule):
  • I have to have a few filters just to keep the workload down
  • I grew up on a farm and we had a very strict rule: humans inside, animals outside.
  • People who have pets have apartments that smell of pets.
  • If I ended up in a relationship with someone who had a pet, I'd have to interact with the pet. And I don't like pets
  • dogs jump on me; it's because I have such kind eyes
  • that whole stereotype about women who have cats: it's true!
Oona (about whom I haven't written much, but who was a great playmate for quite a while) had a number of very annoying characteristics, but one of the worst was that she couldn't walk past a dog in the street without getting down face-to-face with it, rubbing it, talking to it in baby-talk and it occurred to me one day that if I saw her do it again I was going to throw up. So no more Oona. (I'm enhancing here for dramatic effect. There were other triggers as well.)


In the last month or so I've been thinking again about having sex with men (it was so easy! I don't have to do all the work!) and I've been trawling a bit on some gay sites. I've met a couple of guys for a drink or coffee, one of whom lives two buildings down from me and we've become quite friendly (we run into each other all the time, went for a walk in the park yesterday and so on) but I'm not really looking for a coffee or a chat, I'm looking for sex. And I don't want it to be all nice. I want it semi-anonymous, just about fucking.

Anyway, one afternoon last week, my phone rang and a very pleasant male voice said "hi, this is David, from [the next street]", and once I'd gotten over my initial confusion I worked out that it was a guy I'd chatted with a few times some months ago, and who did indeed live quite near me. Late20s, nice-sounding guy. Like me, straight-ish. We had discussed my coming over and the two of us just watching porn (straight porn) and having a bit of a play. And he was calling to see if I was still interested. And did I want to come over right then.

I hesitated and said I'd have to check something and would call him back. And then sat there few a couple of minutes thinking. You see, I'm very keen on the idea of meeting guys for sex, but when it comes to actually meeting I often find that I don't want to very much. So I'll try to find reasons not to. I'll be chatting with some guy who sounds ideal, ticks all the right boxes, and then when he says "so when do you want to hook up, are you free now?" I find myself saying that now's not good, but maybe next week sometime would work. And what that really means is that I just don't want to do it enough to actually do it. And I think that's what happens a lot with women who give me the runaround on straight sites. They're interested, it all sounds fine.. but just not now. (I was once asked by a broker whether I wanted to join him and some other guys on a boat one weekend. I said I was busy that weekend. He said he hadn't yet told me which weekend.) And I don't think there's anything inherently dishonest about this either, but once you recognise that you're doing it you can watch out for it.

So I called David back and got his address and said I'd be there in ten minutes. He was much handsomer than I had expected and really very charming. We got on almost too well but managed after a while to put aside our essential niceness and had a bit of agreeable fun. I'll see him again. I did notice that his apartment was exquisitely done and so I think he's actually quite a bit more gay than straight and yes, I know this is just a stereotype.

I was also invited one morning last week to a gay fuckfest in a hotel room not far from where I live, about a ten-minute walk away and I really couldn't say no. I went there at 10am, there were about half a dozen guys and I was pleased to see that I was the hottest (which I do love, I'm so vain) and I fucked three guys and chatted a bit and left after about 20 minutes, explaining to them that I have a very short attention span. I was more in the mood to be fucked rather than fuck, but because I don't get fucked very often everything has to be exactly right, and a group's a bit distracting. I will get some cock in my ass soon. Last time was when my cop mate fucked me while Tina watched. And that was quite a while ago.

One quick note about this hotel room thing. At one point I was fucking the guy who'd organised it. I was on my back, he was above me. He said to me "we're about to have a visitor" and told me to hold still. Another guy came up and slid his cock into the guy's ass next to mine. Amazing.


Why this silence, I hear you ask? Well, I've not been fucking very much (Lisa, Judith now and then) for various reasons. Instead, I've been dating.

I've had a profile on a dating site for ages; I put it up there a couple of years ago when I realised that the only friends I had were gay men (mostly guys I'd slept with) and that I didn't really know any women. I was fairly new in town. The one woman friend I did have suggested that, as a 40-something, the best way for me to meet women even as friends was to join a straight dating site. Just looking for friends.

It worked fabulously well. I put up a profile, said I was new in town, just looking to make new friends. And I had this cautionary note: "I'm unlikely to be the man of your dreams (I can elaborate)". That's how I met Claire, and also Iris and Prudence. My first ever phone conversation with Claire, she said "you either have a terminal disease or you're gay; which one is it". I told her I was gay, and that I had a boyfriend (Sam). And now I look back through this blog, I see that I lied to you about how I met Claire. It wasn't a party. It was a dating site. Bad me!

So a few weeks ago I rejigged my profile, put up a couple of nice pics and have been hit on ever since by about 4 or 5 women a day. Most of them I ignore for one reason or another (more than 5 miles from my place, have a pet, too spiritual-sounding, can't spell, like Robbie Williams etc.) but there's one or two a week who slip through all the filters.

On sex sites, men outnumber women. The demand for casual sex (men) far outstrips supply (women). So women have the power - they get hit on a lot, they can pick and choose. And while I know this isn't quite as great as it sounds (see this post) it's just the way it is. But on dating sites, men hold the cards. Especially in the city I'm in. There's a shortage of single straight (or, in my case, straight-ish), men. And then once you take out the men who are complete philistines or fratboys there's not a lot left. So I'm spoiled for choice.

So I go out on these dates. And sometimes they're a bit blah, but usually they're quite fun. I'll be having dinner or whatever with a woman who's generally pretty attractive, and thanks to my rigorous selection process, quite interesting and usually funny. We have dinner, it's fun. I can be charming when it suits me. Maybe we meet up again.. and then what? I've had about half a dozen of these, and except for the one I just plain didn't like, they were all fine. But I didn't get any sort of romantic buzz off it. Am I expecting too much?

When I met Claire, I was instantly bewitched. (Same with Sam too, now I think about it.) Is that what I'm looking for, someone where within a second of locking eyes I'm having palpitations and wanting to spend the rest of my life with them? Or is Prudence a better model for this? She and I were friends for six months or so before I started falling for her.

Of these women, the one I liked best was Terri. She's tall and sternly attractive. We'd been out twice and she's fun. Interesting, funny.. but extremely hard to read. She seems to like me, but I'm not sure why. I don't really get any sort of sexual vibe from her and while she's very quick and amusing in conversation she doesn't say anything much about herself. And then I start to wonder what I'm doing in this whole dating thing. Am I looking for a relationship? I don't know. Am I looking for sex? No, I seem to manage ok with that.

I was mulling over what to do about Terri last Thursday and had started sending her an email, then decided instead on a text, and was composing the text when Claire arrived to pick me up. We were going out for dinner, via a gallery opening. I abandoned the text.

Sure enough, at the gallery opening, I'm standing there chatting with Claire and one of her friends and I see a tall woman on the other side of the room heading towards the door. Even from just a glimpse of the back of her head I know it's Terri so I abandon Claire and her friend mid-sentence and make a bee-line for Terri, who I manage to catch up with before she leaves the gallery. She was with a friend, who, she told me later, had said to her "there's a man coming over here and he's heading straight for you..".

So once her friend had left I told Terri that I wanted to see her again and (having ascertained that she was around on the weekend) said I'd call her the next day. Then I introduced her to my doctor who, as it turns out, was standing next to us (it's a small town sometimes) and had the presence of mind not to introduce him as "Dr Dick the dick doctor", which is how I usually think of him, as his first name's Dick and he works out of a clinic that specialises in sexual health. And I also had the presence of mind not to ask him about the results of the tests I'd had done the day before to figure out why my cock was sore.

She went off; I went back to Claire and she could tell I'd been up to something because I had a huge grin on my face. She knows about Terri (or, as I call her, TallGirl).

So I took Terri out on Saturday night. We went to a movie. We had dinner. We went for a drink a a new bar that's opened up near me. Then a fairly chaste kiss. I was thinking am I supposed to be making a move? I'm so bad with this stuff. I usually err on the side of being too reserved and women get sick of it because they think I'm not interested. I try to remind myself that women fend off approaches from men all the time, and that Terri and I had by this stage been out three times and were getting on fine and that if she thought I was a creep or a sleazebag she wouldn't be there but I still can't do it.

As we parted she suggested I come over to her place for dinner one night this week. That's more like it!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Tina invited me to a party. So I went. It was in a hotel suite, and there was Tina, me, Tina's friend Brenda, and few other couples. It was, I realised, a swingers party. And the first one I'd been to quite some time, having sworn off them a while back.

Age range was 35 to - I'm guessing - early 50s. I'd been told that all the guys were straight so I didn't pay much attention to them, but the women were all good. Fun to talk to, pretty normal, and for the most part, fairly hot. But then, once things had started to heat up, I noticed that they were all wearing fishnet stockings of one sort or another, and that none of them were going to take off the stockings (although Brenda, once she and I started playing, told me that I could tear hers off, which was actually quite tricky as they're not as flimsy as they looked and appeared to have the tensile strength of fishing line). They all kept their shoes on too, so the whole thing looked exactly like that really unimaginative porn you often see.

Is this life imitating art?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More me...

I had some photos done yesterday. I mostly needed a nice 3/4 head-and-shoulders suit-and-tie shot for my professional website, but I found this guy on gaydar and he's only about 2 minutes walk from my apartment and after we'd finished the professional shots I got my clothes off (I'm a shy exhibitionist.. I need to be asked).

His cat started to get a bit antsy, which he explained was because it was dinner time. "My life", he said, "is ruled by pussy". I said that I had a similar problem.


Me again...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was at Lisa's today, and while I was pulling anal beads out of her ass, slowly and methodically, and at the same time fucking her, it occurred to me that I was actually a little bit bored. Maybe I need a new hobby. She offered to cook lunch for me and I didn't even want that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Claire.. who knew..?

Amazingly enough, I seem to have fallen out of love with Claire. And what it is, really, is a steady accumulation of resentment at her always telling me what I should do. She can't help it.

We had dinner on Friday and, after a bit of prodding for detail about my sex life (she knows I'm quite busy) I told her about Lisa. "You know you're playing with fire, don't you?" she said. Meaning, as it turned out, that Lisa would end up getting attached (Lisa's married) and the whole thing would end up getting ugly and messy. Although not as messy as my thing with Judith is showing signs of becoming. But I digress...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lisa... text

I got this from Lisa this morning. It's intriguing:
Have met someone more perverted than you! Will tell you all on Wednesday.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This with Penny, a 30-something woman I met and had a drink with a couple of weeks ago and who I was supposed to see again last night until she cancelled. So I rescheduled and was on my out to have dinner with Claire when Penny texted me again to see if she could reinstate our date..

Penny: If we promise to finish by 11pm we could still have our 'play' tonight... or is it too late notice?

Me: Damn! I have a dinner+movie date

Penny: oohh nice, I wish I'd got in earlier. Oh well.

Penny (5 mins later): Tell me what you like to do .. in bed

Me: Among other things, pin you down and fuck you hard.

Penny: Mmm.. I wish you could cancel your date

Me: I'm also rather partial to doing you from behind (maybe preceded by a nice tease-y backrub)

Penny: Doggy is my favorite

Me: Doggy was my favorite too, but i've recently rediscovered face-to-face fucking. The trick is to keep it nice and raunchy

Me: (about 10 seconds later) Oh, and I love anal sex as well

Penny : Of course. Have you done anal sex face-to-face?

Me: Yes. It has great visual appeal.

Penny: and it feels w o n d e r f u l



You will, no doubt, remember me mentioning briefly my new friend Lisa, who was going to come over one day and masturbate while I was doing some admin work so I could watch out of the corner of my eye.

Well, that particular day didn't work out after all (not entirely a bad thing, I really can't do two things at once) as her husband had the car or something. Yes, she's another married one.

What I like about this daytime sex with married women is that it's so neatly compartmentalized: we meet up, we have sex, we have a few laughs, they leave. It exists by itself in a little bubble. And unlike, say Oona, they don't bug me about "why don't you ever want to introduce me to your friends?", "why don't you ever want to take me out to dinner?" etc., although oddly enough I did in fact take Oona out for dinner during the week. But we no longer fuck.

Lisa's in her mid30s, married (apparently quite happily), bright and amusing, and until she goes back to work in a couple of months is housebound with a young child. She's bored. We've gotten together maybe half a dozen times and I've run all my usual ideas past her and she's not recoiled in horror. She loves it in the ass and says that her husband's cock is very thick and it's quite an effort to get it in there (and he's too tired half the time) so my eagerness and normal-sized cock makes that all work nicely.

Wednesday morning I met her at an adult store and we went shopping. A big rabbit-y vibe and some anal beads (actually, two different strings of anal beads. One smaller, one larger.) Then when we got back to my place, before we tried out all the new stuff, we went to the bathroom where I lay down in the tub and she pissed on my cock - she was squatting just over me, her pussy almost touching my cock as she did. I returned the favor. Then, after a shower, we tried out all the new stuff.

Thursday morning after she came over I blindfolded her, then there was a knock on my door and it was Mike, a guy we'd found on the same site we'd met on. Neither of us had ever met him before, but he was pretty much what he's said he was... mid30s, nice-looking, decent guy. (But, as Lisa and I agreed when we discussed it later, very hung over.) He and I undressed her, then blindfold off and we all had a very agreeable (yes, that word again) time.

After he left I took her out for lunch. We agreed that we probably wouldn't see Mike again, even though it'd been fun.