Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I met another blogger yesterday (well, met again). I'm not going to say much, but I thought the picture here gives a bit of an idea. It was very good fun.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

In which I meet another blogger...

Christmas day - after I'd done the family stuff - I sat in a park and chatted for a couple of hours with another blogger. A sex blogger, of course. She and I read each others' stuff, we email a bit and we decided it'd be fun to meet. And it was.

It was a chaste affair, the two of us sitting on the hard-baked ground, a dozen or so yards from some boisterous family groups. I suspect I did quite a lot more talking than listening (for which I apologize, a bit half-heartedly) but I'd been doing family stuff for a few days on the trot and I was eager for some adult conversation.

What was she like, I can hear you ask? Articulate, sensible and adventurous!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love this: someone found this blog by typing the word "women" into google!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update (I know you've been wondering)

Monday night: a date, which went fairly well until I told her that my last real relationship was with a guy. She didn't seem to mind but it made me feel like a weirdo.

Tuesday night: theater with Iris. I told her my Claire dilemma - she's met Claire, amazingly enough. Spent an hour on the phone with Claire in the evening.

Wednesday afternoon: Harriet cut my hair, and did a superb job. I'm once again smokin' hot. Then on the way back to my place I dropped in on Claire in her studio. I was reminded again of how incredibly gorgeous she is.

Wednesday night: out with Judith, a few drinks then sex and a sleepover. She told me something more about herself, it turns out she's incredibly well-connected and may end up being a useful contact for some work I'm trying to do.

Thursday: hangover, also very tired. Out for drinks with people you don't need to know about.

Friday: lunch with Claire. We had japanese then lay on the grass in the park. I've had such a superb week. I just can't see how my life could be any better.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm all in knots about Claire.

I had dinner with Claire the other night, and towards the end of the dinner we started having the big talk, the talk we've been avoiding. I never know what I want, even with Claire, so I find this sort of thing really difficult. But if you'd asked me (and I had discussed this with Sam) I would have said that my ideal would be to keep it just where it is right now.... not advancing, not retreating. Just as it is.

Anyway, much to my surprise that's exactly what Claire wants too. Which of course made me not want it. I go through in my mind all the reasons why being in a relationship with Claire would be bad for me, but I end up coming back to the hard fact that I'm completely crazy about her. And now that she doesn't want a relationship I feel jilted, dropped, dumped, even though I don't want one either.

Here's a snippet of dialog, as close to verbatim as I can get it..
Me: you remember that night we had sex?
Claire: yes, very well
Me: you remember I was reluctant at first? Do you have any idea why?
Claire: no.....
Me: I just KNEW if we slept together I'd fall in love with you
Claire: (pause) but you've slept with everyone in Sydney... how is this different
Me: it just IS different

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovely evening.

Thursday afternoon I had invited Friendly Policeman (who I'll now call FC, for the purposes of this blog) over to my place so we could share Jane (as described in my last post - by the way, she loved seeing him fucking me). Last night he returned the favour. I went over to his place about 830 and we sat around talking for a while. He's quite an interesting and thoughtful man.

When I chatted with Jane after our fuck-fest she said that she thought he came across as being very gay (except when he was fucking her, of course). But you'd expect that: he's an out gay man who happens to like sex with women. I have a few gay friends who are 'straight-curious', some of them even like watching straight porn, but they like the straightforwardness and availabilty of gay sex too much. Friendly Cop told me that after he'd come out as gay in his early 20s he'd been quite happy, then in his mid-30s he started lusting after women, and then in the last few years had re-engaged with them. Sexuality really is fascinating. He hasn't told his colleagues he fucks women - he said the police force is very tolerant and accomodating to gay men and that if he came out as being a bit straight it'd get complicated.

After a while his friend Tina arrived. She's a very well-preserved and lively woman in her early 40s. We sat around chatting for half an hour or so (I was, of course, being completely charming) then at FC's suggestion we went into the bedroom where he and I took it in turns fucking her for what seemed to me to be a couple of hours (but you know what a short attention span I have). FC and I would give each other little hand signals: "good job!", "your turn", "you take the other end" etc. And there was a large mirror on the wardrobe so it did all have that agreeable porny quality to it.

Afterwards we all got dressed, then she drove me home. She sent me an email this morning (must have gotten my address from FC) with a very nice thank you and the tantalising sentence "Would love to explore more stuff with you."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back on deck.

I've turned down a couple of opportunities this week - Joan again, and Sarah. I'm busy and a bit stressed and not especially horny. Unlike me, I know.

Those of you who've been with me for a long time will remember the week I had 3 doctor-patient roleplays in one week, and how two of them involved married women and the other one was a married man. What a week. I speculated on here about the possibility of me and the married man (who I chat with once in a while on msn) giving married woman number 1 (the one who's not Sarah, let's call her Jane) a thorough going-over.

Well we finally organised it. It was going to be this afternoon. Dr Steve (the married guy) runs very hot and cold. We chat, he's very into it, then when we try to plan an actual meet he goes a bit flaky. I can understand this to a certain extent - he has a busy job and is married - but he doesn't return texts and emails and it all makes it a bit difficult.

This morning I texted him and I had the feeling that he wasn't going to be able to make it. So I rang the Friendly Policeman and explained the situation. He was on duty this afternoon, but as luck would have it, was working out of the police station just near my apartment. I told him to be at my place at 4.

I'm not going to go into much detail but here's a quick highlight: at one point, Friendly Policeman was fucking me while I was going down on Jane. Now, when I describe it like this it sounds fantastic, and she certainly loved it, but I found myself strangely unthrilled. Bizarre really. There I was, living out one of my all-time biggest fantasies (and ticking one of the few remaining items on my list) and I was a bit meh about the whole thing.

Luckily, Jane's husband keep calling her in a very stalker-ish way and she started to freak out and had to leave. She told us that she'd blurted out a couple of days ago to him, apropos of nothing in particular, that she'd like to have sex with other men. "Which other men?", he asked. "Lots of men.. at the same time" she answered and he didn't either 1) go completely mental or 2) get horny. He didn't respond at all and it's made me quite uneasy. Now she's starting to think he's following her. I told her that if my then-wife had said that to me I would first have thought it was a trap of some sort (yes I'm extremely cautious around her, but you would be too) but then, if I thought she was for real I would have started to get all sorts of ideas.... But, as she pointed out, I'm not at all like her husband.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm picky

On one 'adult dating' site I'm on, quite a few of the women have this in their profiles:
----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---account If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who Died
----///--\\\---Or whom maybe suffering from it
No! No! A thousand times No! It's who, not whom.

Mr Swimwear again

You know that feeling, you're walking along the street, minding your own business and you see someone you know but you can't quite remember where you know them from? Happened to me again the other day, I saw a guy I vaguely recognised, I could tell he recognised me but was similarly unsure. We exchanged a tentative smile and a nod. I realised later on it was Mr Swimwear! Which reminds me, I must visit his shop, this time I have legitimate business. It's summer here after all.

Booty calls!

I was at the gym today with my trainer and my phone rang. I didn't pick it up because it was in my fucking gym locker - I'm not the sort of weiner who would carry a phone while I'm doing weights. As luck would have it, it was the one hour of today where I not only wasn't carrying my phone, I was actually busy.

It was David. He'd gotten a phone call from Horny Housewife (I can't think of a codename for her; that'll do) and she was in town with a friend and they'd gotten bored with shopping and both wanted to be fucked, hard. He called me, I wasn't around. When I spoke to him later on he said he'd done the best he could with just one cock. HH apparently asked him to see if he could find me, so I must have made an impression on her. I wasn't all that upset to have missed out on this one, I'm still a little under weather.

And then, as I was having my dinner I got a text from Natalie. "Natalie?", I hear you ask. I've played with her a few times (in fact, she was the reason I was a bit tender and sore in the groin the day I ended up fucking Claire) but I've not written about it. Not for any particular reason, but remember that I don't put everything in here. To get an estimate of how busy my sex life is, take the activity I report on in this blog and then gross it up by about 25%. Anyway. She was feeling horny and wanted to know if I wanted to have some fun. Normally I'd jump at the chance - she's an attractive woman in her early 30s, very amusing and completely unshockable. She wants to watch me being fucked by my friendly policeman. She wants to try watersports. She has an insatiable ass. And so on.

I regretfully said that I was out of commission for a day or two. Maybe Thursday... I will report back. In the meantime, I have a drink with Headhunter tomorrow after work, then a date of some kind with Claire.