Friday, September 12, 2008


I got a message this morning from a guy who had an idea for me. He said "Cum on by, I work in a swimwear shop - so cum on in and try a few on in the changeroom..". I checked his profile. Late40s, no picture but sounded alright. I responded "sounds fun, do i have to buy anything, or are we just having a bit of a muck around?" I wanted to make sure I wasn't being spammed. He said it was just a bit of fun.

Well, I could hardly resist, could I? So I went there this afternoon, just after lunch. A very small shop, lots of swimwear and briefs. A guy in his (very) late 40s, who I guessed was the proprietor, and two customers. The proprietor and I exchanged a knowing look (he knew who I was, he'd seen my picture) and he dealt with his other customers.

Then we chatted a little, neither of us mentioning that we'd been messaging that morning. I said I was looking at getting some new swimwear, he gave a couple to try on and showed me a little area at the back of the shop which could be curtained off. This was the changing room. He left me for a moment. I took off my shorts, my briefs, and started to put on the swimmers. But by the time I was about halfway done getting them on I had a full hardon so it was a bit tricky.

Then he came in to see how I was doing. I won't go into the details, but it was extremely good fun. There was something very furtive about it - he kept popping his head out of the changing room to see if there were any customers, for example - which I found very appealing. He also liked that I said I couldn't come because I was fucking a woman (Judith) this evening and I need to keep my strength.

I asked him about his business (I'm like that). He said he'd owned a furniture shop but had always had a thing about swimwear and underwear, and he decided to combine business with pleasure. Business, he said, was good. I love that he'd figured out a way to monetise his hobby.

As I was walking home I got to thinking. I don't have sex with men all that often, and I worked out that I'm only really up for it if there's some transgressive element to it - someone watching, or the other guy's married, or it's in the back of a shop or something like that. (Or all three, as once happened in the back of a giftware shop in London.)


Unknown said...

I like the furtive element as well. It adds another layer of excitement to the adventure.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing this pic of your friends.