Friday, September 19, 2008

Two texts

As you no doubt recall, I'm going to spend the weekend with my married friend 'Sarah' at the beach house she and her husband have. (He's in town; he thinks she's down there working on her book, which is at least partly true.) She's down there already, I'm getting the train tomorrow and she's going to pick me up at the station. Normally I wouldn't do this, my weekends are sacrosanct, but she's married and it makes the whole thing nicely illicit.

I sent her a text today: "there's a train gets in at 1pm, i'll be on it. i'll text on the way to confirm. Do i need to bring anything? Something to read? Sunscreen? My cock?" I added the bit about my cock at the last second before hitting the send button. While it's undisputably true that we are going down there to have sex, I quite like the idea of making it even more explicit. She is, as I've told you about 25 times already, happily married.

She responded "1pm is perfect. just bring cock, i have everything else" Lovely!

I also got a text today from my friend Oona (about whom much more later) in which she said:

I know we're being just friends now so i know this question isn't allowed, but i'll ask because i'm horny and have been for days. Wanna have sex now?

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Anonymous said...

Goodness. Nice to have eager partners. :)