Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Late in the week I got a message from my friend Paul (the cop), wanting to know if I was free Sunday morning. I was, I replied, and asked what the deal was.

He knows a guy, he told me, who knows a woman who has a fantasy about being fucked by 3 or 4 men at once. And Sunday was her birthday and the guy was trying to organise it. Well, as you can imagine, I liked that idea a lot.

So on Sunday morning I went over to Pauls' place. When I arrived there woman in question was there with her friend (a nice guy, mid40s). There was Paul, me and two other guys, then another guy showed up. Paul had invited 6 guys on the basis that half of them wouldn't show up, but in the end we all turned up. We chatted for a bit then Paul's friend took the woman into the bedroom, then came out a minute later saying she was ready, or words to that effect.

She was lying on the bed, face-down with her ass raised a bit (pillow under her hips) and her legs spread. We were all still in the living-room, looking at her through the open door. The guys all looked at each other like they didn't know what to do, which does happen in these situations. I had taken my shoes off earlier, and within a matter of seconds I was naked (I'm not shy) and went in and started playing with her pussy while the other guys watched, then I slid a condom on and started fucking her. The other guys all wandered in and watched, then I asked whether anyone wanted to take over.

Anyway. We all took turns fucking her. She came a lot. It was great fun. She loved it. Afterwards Paul told me that the guy who'd brought her was his boss. Which is, when you think about it, kind of hot.


I was thinking about this latest thing with Lisa (she loves me, she said) and what to do about it. My first instinct is to run. That's also my second and probably my third instinct as well.

But over the last day or two I've started to think that maybe I'm being too hasty. I've never given her any reason to think that our "relationship" extends past fucking and the occasional lunch. And I've been careful not to do anything to give her any impression that it means anything more to me. So if she's unable to compartmentalise, then that's her problem.

She came over this morning. We talked a bit. She said I'd been behaving strangely since our discussion (it was really a monologue; I didn't say anything) on Friday. I explained that I'd been freaked out, and that what I wanted was to have things back to how they were. And that, as for us, it is what it is.

Then I fucked her. I'm feeling slightly queasy about the whole thing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How married women really should do this.

As I was dealing with this horrible new development in the Lisa situation I got a text from Sarah (who, you may recall is the other married woman I'm fucking):
Husband just left. Am now free-ish til Sunday afternoon. Any free time? PS very horny
That's more like it! So she came over yesterday (Saturday) around lunchtime. We fucked, then lay about in the bed for an hour or two talking, as we do. And with Sarah, unlike Lisa, I don't feel anxious or worried. Sarah's very good at compartmentalising, she's like a man. I told her the latest on the Lisa saga and she reminded me that I'd told her that when I'd first met Lisa I'd been quite uneasy about her. I really do tell Sarah everything.

We lazed about in my bed for a couple of hours, which we punctuated by eating some lovely vietnamese rice-paper rolls she'd picked up on the way. I pointed out to her that being in bed with a naked woman, eating really good rice-paper rolls on a lazy saturday afternoon was close to nirvana. I don't know how it is for her, but for me the lazing about, the talk about food, sex and english usuage and travel is actually better than the sex. It's not inconceivable that she feels the same way.

Maybe it's like this: we enjoy each other's company a lot. But if we met and didn't have sex it'd feel weird, like we'd crossed some boundary. We're using the fucking as an excuse to hang out together.

But I have to contrast this with the Lisa debacle. Sarah and I are very fond of each other but I think we both know that our 'relationship' is a very constrained thing. We exist in a nice little private bubble when we're together, but when we're not together, there's nothing. It's lovely!

More Lisa. And the bit where it all goes haywire.

Lisa's been very keen to have some sort of MMF thing where the other guy's bi (Dave was straight) and she'd met a guy we'll call Steve who seemed to fit the bill nicely. He was in his early 30s, she and he had fucked a couple of times and he was very keen to try stuff with another guy (me). But because of his job - and, I suspect, general unreliability - we'd never been able to plan it.

Then out of the blue, late last week I got a message from Lisa asking if I was free on Friday night for some fun with her and Steve. And as luck would have it, I was indeed free that night.

So late Friday afternoon I showed up at a hotel room. Steve was a very agreeable surprise; early 30s, quite blokey, solid build, nice face. We sat around for a few minutes then started in. I'll leave out most of the details (nothing you haven't seen in porn) but I will mention one highlight, the bit where I fucked Steve while Lisa watched. Actually, she was sucking his cock and watching in the mirror. He had a very tight ass and it wasn't easy, for either of us. After a couple of minutes he gave me a discreet hand-signal to the effect that he'd had enough, and I stopped. She didn't notice. Oh, and another guy showed up. Tom, a friend of Steve's. He was left out a bit; when I was comparing notes afterwards with Lisa it turned out that neither of us had fancied him. So he ended up just watching a lot.

And then it all went strange. We finished. It was about 10pm and I was exhausted. I'd had a busy day and the fucking had taken a lot out of me. I wanted to go home. Lisa suggested she come back to my place on the way back to hers for a 'de-brief'. Not a bad idea, I though. It's fun after something like that to compare notes.

But in the cab on the way to my place she started musing about why I hadn't asked her anything about the problems she'd been having with her husband (which I'd heard a bit about on Tuesday, when I was fucking her at my place at lunchtime). And the reason I didn't, of course, is because I'm quite keen to maintain separation. We are, after all, just fuckbuddies. I don't want to get involved in her domestic drama, that's entirely her business. But after we got back to place it started to get worse...

We were sitting on the couch. I was almost comotase. And she started wondering whether I had the same feelings for her as she had for me.. and that those feelings she was having were something to do with 'love'. I can't remember exactly what she said but I do remember the L-word coming out and in my mind there were alarms going off, bells ringing, ducks falling down out of the ceiling and I was frozen. I was too tired to speak, but even if had been able to speak I would have been rendered silent. Then she said she hoped she hadn't freaked me out. Aaaaarghhhh!

I haven't spoken to her since.

I do love a good booty call.

After the Night of Many Men (well, two men) I was interstate for a week and half and didn't really get up to much. I arrived back in Sydney late last Sunday night and as I was checking my emails and whatnot I logged onto MSN and was immediately chatted by Judith. She was at home, had had half a bottle of wine, her kids were at her ex-husband's and she was, she said, horny as hell. This is all about 11 o'clock on a Sunday night, and she wanted me to come over. My first instinct was to say no - which is what she expected, some variation on "too tired" or "too late' - but then I realised I was pretty horny too, so I said I'd be over in 20 minutes.

I suggested to her that what might be fun was that I should bring a blindfold, and she should leave the door unlocked. She should lie on the bad, facedown, half-naked. I'd come in quietly and without saying anything blindfold her and start ravishing her. And we'd go from there. I'd always known she was up for that sort of thing but we'd never done anything like that. She loved it, of course.

She told me she'd leave the front door unlocked, and that I should be able to open the front gate myself. Great...

I got there and discovered that I couldn't reach through the gate to turn the handle, so I had to rung her doorbell. There was a wait, then Judith saying "your hands are too big, aren't they?", and then by the time I'd got in to her place we both had the giggles. No blindfold, but lovely fucking.

Then, as usual the tug-of-war. We were having the usual post-coital cuddle (I can tolerate this. My mind wanders but I know they like it.) Then I said "I have to go" and of course she wanted me to stay the night but I'd been away from my place for a week and a half and I was very keen to wake up in my own bed, alone. She always does this and it annoys me. But this time I'd been a bit cunning. Instead of getting a cab over I'd picked up a car from the car-share pod just near my place and I'd only booked it for two hours. So I had to go.

The next day I got a text. She's figured out a way around the gate and big hands problem and wants to do the ravished-in-blindfold thing on Wednesday.

Lisa. Second night.

We had been planning the next night for a while, a couple of weeks at least. Lisa had a fantasy (and I'm partly to blame for this, I know) of being the center of attention for a few guys, and she decided that this second night her husband was going to be away was going to be the Night of Many Men.

But as these things often turn out, it's hard coordinating more than two or three people, so in the end it was just me, Lisa and a guy we'll call Dave. Lisa had met him on the same site she'd met me and she and Dave had fucked a couple of times, and he was keen on the idea. So on the night in question, after Lisa and I had had dinner (she cooked again) and we'd had a bit of a warmup, there was a knock on the door and there he was. Quite nice too.... about 6' tall, handsome, friendly faced late 30s guy.

He and I chatted a bit while Lisa fussed around and we got on nicely. Then we all sat on the couch and... well, just sat there for a while until Lisa broke the ice by reminding us that we were all there for fucking. I'll fast-forward a bit here (you had to be there) and then all of sudden we're in the bedroom and Lisa's experiencing double penetration for the first time. Me in her ass, of course. Then, a little while later, after I'd gone out to the kitchen to stretch and to get a beer (I'm such a bloke when I'm doing this sort of stuff) I came back to find Dave fucking her in the ass quite hard with his rather thick cock, and she was moaning and going cross-eyed and whatnot. I gave her a hit of the poppers I'd thoughtfully brought along and she took that cock like a gay man, I was impressed.

Dave came (on her back, porn-style) and then after we'd had a bit of chit-chat, left. I took up where he'd left off, then we both slept very soundly indeed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lisa. First night.

The week before last Lisa's husband went away interstate for a couple of days. The first night I went over to her place, she cooked me dinner, we had some coke and then had some fairly uninspired sex. Then, as we were having a post-coital drink and I was grinding my teeth from the very speedy coke, I remembered that she'd said her husband was a real pot-head.

I smoke pot about once a year and it makes me all paranoid and antisocial, but for some reason I was keen to have some right then and there. She ferreted around in his desk and found some and I had a very small amount (it's much stronger than the stuff I used to smoke when I was a teenager) and it had the usual effect. I became withdrawn, anxious, unable to speak. But at the same time, very sensitised to music and a bit peckish.

Then the strangest thing happened. She was lying next to me on the couch, and in a split second I went from silent paranoia to extreme horniness. I don't think I've ever had this before; I had an almost uncontrollable urge to fuck her and within what seemed like about 2 seconds I had my pants down around my ass and I had my cock in her and it was as though I had become my cock. The whole thing took us both a bit by surprise. I'm wondering whether the pot did some of it. I know it makes me very disconnected from people, maybe that's what it was. It made me selfish.

We carried on in this vein for a while, then collapsed on the bed, spent. We slept well together.

A rake, a feather and a telephone directory

Someone stumbled on this blog by typing

milf wine bottle collar blindfold uk

into google. Amazing....