Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lisa. Second night.

We had been planning the next night for a while, a couple of weeks at least. Lisa had a fantasy (and I'm partly to blame for this, I know) of being the center of attention for a few guys, and she decided that this second night her husband was going to be away was going to be the Night of Many Men.

But as these things often turn out, it's hard coordinating more than two or three people, so in the end it was just me, Lisa and a guy we'll call Dave. Lisa had met him on the same site she'd met me and she and Dave had fucked a couple of times, and he was keen on the idea. So on the night in question, after Lisa and I had had dinner (she cooked again) and we'd had a bit of a warmup, there was a knock on the door and there he was. Quite nice too.... about 6' tall, handsome, friendly faced late 30s guy.

He and I chatted a bit while Lisa fussed around and we got on nicely. Then we all sat on the couch and... well, just sat there for a while until Lisa broke the ice by reminding us that we were all there for fucking. I'll fast-forward a bit here (you had to be there) and then all of sudden we're in the bedroom and Lisa's experiencing double penetration for the first time. Me in her ass, of course. Then, a little while later, after I'd gone out to the kitchen to stretch and to get a beer (I'm such a bloke when I'm doing this sort of stuff) I came back to find Dave fucking her in the ass quite hard with his rather thick cock, and she was moaning and going cross-eyed and whatnot. I gave her a hit of the poppers I'd thoughtfully brought along and she took that cock like a gay man, I was impressed.

Dave came (on her back, porn-style) and then after we'd had a bit of chit-chat, left. I took up where he'd left off, then we both slept very soundly indeed.

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