Sunday, August 23, 2009

How married women really should do this.

As I was dealing with this horrible new development in the Lisa situation I got a text from Sarah (who, you may recall is the other married woman I'm fucking):
Husband just left. Am now free-ish til Sunday afternoon. Any free time? PS very horny
That's more like it! So she came over yesterday (Saturday) around lunchtime. We fucked, then lay about in the bed for an hour or two talking, as we do. And with Sarah, unlike Lisa, I don't feel anxious or worried. Sarah's very good at compartmentalising, she's like a man. I told her the latest on the Lisa saga and she reminded me that I'd told her that when I'd first met Lisa I'd been quite uneasy about her. I really do tell Sarah everything.

We lazed about in my bed for a couple of hours, which we punctuated by eating some lovely vietnamese rice-paper rolls she'd picked up on the way. I pointed out to her that being in bed with a naked woman, eating really good rice-paper rolls on a lazy saturday afternoon was close to nirvana. I don't know how it is for her, but for me the lazing about, the talk about food, sex and english usuage and travel is actually better than the sex. It's not inconceivable that she feels the same way.

Maybe it's like this: we enjoy each other's company a lot. But if we met and didn't have sex it'd feel weird, like we'd crossed some boundary. We're using the fucking as an excuse to hang out together.

But I have to contrast this with the Lisa debacle. Sarah and I are very fond of each other but I think we both know that our 'relationship' is a very constrained thing. We exist in a nice little private bubble when we're together, but when we're not together, there's nothing. It's lovely!

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