Saturday, December 26, 2009


On one of the adult sites I'm on (and yes, there are quite a few... given my range of interests) there was a profile I rather liked. 32yo woman, not all that far from me, and with very little written in the profile. Less really is more, I find.

I messaged her, she messaged back. We shifted to msn. She was quite amusing and punchy on chat and I decided to overlook her use of 'lol'. She was, she told me, a lawyer. She asked me what I was doing on that site and I said I was looking for women who wanted to fuck around. I'm quite honest. I asked her, and the answer was a bit more complicated.

She said she'd only put a profile up because of her work; she was representing a guy who'd met someone on that site, and he'd ended up in a relationship and it'd all gone sour and they ended up in court. And she figured she needed to go on the site to see what was going on. Or something like that. I didn't quite believe her. We chatted for a few days then I suggested we meet for coffee.

I met her. She was tall and attractive and very nervous. I was the first person she'd met in this way and it showed. We had a coffee and a chat, and a couple of things she said made me pretty sure that we'd end up fucking before too long. I fixed her phone and she said something like 'now we have to have sex then', and it was kind of a joke but I think also a way for her to give herself a bit of a nudge.

After the coffee date we arranged to meet up two days later, in the evening, for some fun. But at the last minute she backed out. I wasn't too upset; I'd had a busy day and I wasn't all that horny. Also, I really did thing that she wasn't playing games - we really would end up fucking anyway.

Then on Tuesday afternoon I got a message from her. We were both going to be out of town from the following day for a couple of weeks so any conceivable cock-in-cunt action wasn't going to be til mid-January at the earliest. But she was wondering what I was up to right then. And the answer of course, was not much.

So she jumped in a cab and came over. The highlight was when we were having a mid-fuck break, the sort of thing where if we were smokers we'd be having a cigarette, and she asked me how old I was. I told her and she had a minor freakout. Then, when she'd calmed down we fucked again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Sarah.

I'd sort of been avoiding fucking Sarah. It's complicated - I like spending time with her (more than with any of the other random people I fuck) and the sex is a bit prosaic. The last couple of times we've seen each other has been to do with food and I was sort of hoping that our friendship had somehow shifted, that we were more into eating than fucking.

I suggested to her that we have lunch one day at one of those superbly confrontational korean restaurants in Strathfield, which she agreed to. Then she called me back and asked whether our relationship was moving into some post-sexual phase. Which I think we both know would be a little uncomfortable, what with her being married and stuff. And by this I mean that it's perfectly fine for a happily-married woman to meet up with someone for sex every so often, but once there's no sex it's all a bit hollow and vaguely creepy.

One of the many things I like about Sarah is her use of language (we are quite alike in this) and she said that if our relationship was just about eating then that would be ok with her, but that her preference was "to go on all the rides".

I left it at lunch. Then a day before I realised that I was actually pretty horny so I told her to come over to my place instead. We fucked. Chatted. back to normal.

Booty Call!

I was at home on Saturday evening (something always crops up... ) and I got a text from Judith. Judith, who I haven't fucked in quite a while. She was at a dinner party and was having a dreadful time and was thinking of feigning a migraine and going home. And she wanted to know if she could pick me up on the way, on the off-chance I was free....

So an hour later I'm at Judith's place fucking. It was lovely. I slept there too, for some reason we always sleep well together. She even drove me home on Sunday morning.

She's gone too far.

A couple of weeks back Lisa messaged me, she wanted to know if I was free on the Thursday afternoon of that week for some fun with her and Steve. Of course I was. I put it in my calendar.

She had a work lunch on that day and she warned me she might be a bit under the weather when she showed up. And she certainly was - she's a good drunk though, funny, loud. But a bit messy. I got her warmed up, Steve showed up and we got busy.

After we finished Steve left, then I was due out for a drink with a couple of friends. She was in no state to drive (and she was quite put out that I was even considering going out - which made my blood run cold) and so I said she could stay at my place and hang out. I was only going to be an hour or so at drinks.

So I went across the road and had a drink with my friends and all the time I was there I had a niggling feeling that I shouldn't have left Lisa alone in my apartment. Last time I left a woman in my place it was Miss Difficult and she broke my bed. I still wonder how.

I got back to my place, flung open the door and there was Lisa, naked on my bed, typing furiously into my laptop. She'd logged onto msn as me and had chatted with a couple of people - she was in mid-conversation with a guy I play with sometimes and she thought it was all quite hilarious but I was livid. How dare she? I didn't shout or get all mean but I did get very polite and quick, which is what happens when I get angry.

I took her out for dinner. Why? Well, mostly because I wanted her to tell me what had happened, who she'd spoken to and whatnot. Then I sent her on her way.

A few days of silence then a very apologetic message. I'm never taking my eye off her again when she's in my place.

She came over yesterday and I gave her a very solid and superb fucking.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Watch and play.

About a month ago I met a gay man who likes straight porn. His partner was away, we chatted a bit, and I ended up at his place and we watched his entire porn collection and had quite a bit of low-key fun with each other while we were doing it. It turned out he's like me - he likes talking about sex just about as much as doing it, so we were able to keep each other amused for a very long time. Watching porn, talking about what was going on in the porn, talking about real-life experiences, fantasies. Nice guy too, and handsome. And for a gay guy, very interested in women. We'll do it again when his partner's out of town again. But we'll need some more porn.

Anyway, I enjoyed this so much I changed my profile on a gay site I'm on to say:
I like hooking up with masculine guys for the usual man-on-man fun, but what I really like is watching straight porn with another guy. And playing too, of course.
And I got lots of guys messaging me. Some were bi guys, which I expected, but most of them were gay guys who like watching straight porn. Huh? Well, I suspect that if you're mostly gay but even just a little bit straight then straight porn's more appealing than gay porn, only because there's nothing really exotic or unattainable about gay porn - there's nothing you see in gay porn that you couldn't actually do just by rounding up a few guys.

Anyway. One guy messaged me this afternoon and I was about to respond with my usual "I'm not free right now, but maybe later next week" when I remembered that this was, in fact, something I rather like doing and the guy was only about 10 minutes' walk from my place and he said he had some great straight porn (2 or 3 guys, one girl, lots of ass fucking). So I went over.

Nice guy. Very handsome. Great body. We played around, watched some lucky girl get rather a lot of cock. We both came. We chatted a bit. I left.

Lovely afternoon at the seaside.

Lisa came over on Tuesday and, as usual, I nearly texted her in the morning to tell her not to. I just wasn't feeling especially horny, for one thing. But also, I was vaguely resentful at the thought of having to come home at lunchtime (I really do have other things to do, you know) and because we're fucking every week it's starting to feel like a bit of an imposition.

I didn't text her to put her off though. I reminded myself that even though I wasn't all that horny first thing in the morning, by the time she showed up and was naked in my apartment I'd be fine. And I was. We didn't do anything especially fancy (no wet celery, eggbeaters, motorcycle helmet) but I did give her a very solid fucking. Front and back. When I'd fucked her last week I hadn't done her ass so I figured I owed her one. She takes a cock in her ass much better than I do.

Then yesterday as I was work I got a phone call from her. She was going to the beach and wondered if I wanted to come along for a quick swim. Now, this is slightly concerning. I have issues with Lisa and her mission creep - so long as we stick to fucking we're fine, but if I'm not careful we end up having lunch and whatnot and then she'll fall for me again. But then again, it was hot and sunny out and I was a bit bored. So I said yes and we went to the beach and had a swim, and she told me she'd seen Steve the previous day and gave me a nice detailed rundown on what she and he had been up to. Which I liked, of course. She said that even though Steve was lot of of fun to play with, he wasn't as much into actual fucking as I am.