Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's gone too far.

A couple of weeks back Lisa messaged me, she wanted to know if I was free on the Thursday afternoon of that week for some fun with her and Steve. Of course I was. I put it in my calendar.

She had a work lunch on that day and she warned me she might be a bit under the weather when she showed up. And she certainly was - she's a good drunk though, funny, loud. But a bit messy. I got her warmed up, Steve showed up and we got busy.

After we finished Steve left, then I was due out for a drink with a couple of friends. She was in no state to drive (and she was quite put out that I was even considering going out - which made my blood run cold) and so I said she could stay at my place and hang out. I was only going to be an hour or so at drinks.

So I went across the road and had a drink with my friends and all the time I was there I had a niggling feeling that I shouldn't have left Lisa alone in my apartment. Last time I left a woman in my place it was Miss Difficult and she broke my bed. I still wonder how.

I got back to my place, flung open the door and there was Lisa, naked on my bed, typing furiously into my laptop. She'd logged onto msn as me and had chatted with a couple of people - she was in mid-conversation with a guy I play with sometimes and she thought it was all quite hilarious but I was livid. How dare she? I didn't shout or get all mean but I did get very polite and quick, which is what happens when I get angry.

I took her out for dinner. Why? Well, mostly because I wanted her to tell me what had happened, who she'd spoken to and whatnot. Then I sent her on her way.

A few days of silence then a very apologetic message. I'm never taking my eye off her again when she's in my place.

She came over yesterday and I gave her a very solid and superb fucking.


thedirtyblonde said...

Was generous of you to forgive that invasion of trust and privacy, even if she did mean it in fun. The sex would have to be ridiculously life changing for me to consider talking to someone again if it happened to me.

I'm more of a select a book from the book shelf or hunt about for a magazine if I'm left home alone at someone's place.

J said...

Sex with Lisa really is ridiculously life-changing. Otherwise I would have sacked her six month ago.

I do run a little cost-benefit analysis on her every so often and the balance is still positive.

XX said...

I would feel so violated. Especially if your family were on your msn. If I were left alone in your apartment I would just watch porn and eat all your food.