Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Sarah.

I'd sort of been avoiding fucking Sarah. It's complicated - I like spending time with her (more than with any of the other random people I fuck) and the sex is a bit prosaic. The last couple of times we've seen each other has been to do with food and I was sort of hoping that our friendship had somehow shifted, that we were more into eating than fucking.

I suggested to her that we have lunch one day at one of those superbly confrontational korean restaurants in Strathfield, which she agreed to. Then she called me back and asked whether our relationship was moving into some post-sexual phase. Which I think we both know would be a little uncomfortable, what with her being married and stuff. And by this I mean that it's perfectly fine for a happily-married woman to meet up with someone for sex every so often, but once there's no sex it's all a bit hollow and vaguely creepy.

One of the many things I like about Sarah is her use of language (we are quite alike in this) and she said that if our relationship was just about eating then that would be ok with her, but that her preference was "to go on all the rides".

I left it at lunch. Then a day before I realised that I was actually pretty horny so I told her to come over to my place instead. We fucked. Chatted. back to normal.

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