Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A lovely surprise.

Lisa came up to my place around midday and she's been very horny all week and said she wanted it a bit rough, so I told her that when she came in there was to be no talking, no joking.. just straight into it.

So when she arrived I bundled her into the living room and started in on her from behind, playing with her breasts, undressing her, being a bit more forceful than usual (which I could tell, when I got to her cunt, was working nicely). Then I blindfolded her and teased her some more, spanked her ass, slapped her breasts a bit, used the riding crop on her (not with any great force, it's more a sensory thing). By this stage she was naked, standing up but bent forward, elbows resting on the bench, legs spread, still blindfolded. And she was pretty worked up.

Then, the surprise! There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there, of course, was my friend Matt. He and I didn't say anything to each other but as I showed him into my place he saw her there, naked, facing away from us, and as Matt took his clothes off I spread her legs to show him her pussy and ass.

I'll leave out the blow-by-blow, as usual. But she kept the blindfold on the whole time. I fucked her, he fucked her. I fucked her ass. We both fucked her. DP. She noticed that he had a big cock (a bit longer than average length, and quite thick) and she even took it in her ass like a trooper. A really superb job, I thought. After we were done she took the blindfold off and I introduced them, we lay around chatting and congratulating ourselves then Matt went back to work and Lisa and I headed out for a well-deserved lunch.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quite a good idea, I thought.

I had an idea this afternoon, and I sent an email to Lisa:
I don't know if this would tickle your fancy, but let me know what you think.

I was chatting with a friend the other day. He's a guy I've known for a while, nice guy. Gay, in a relationship. But he used to fuck women and he's still very straight-curious, and he watches straight porn and whatnot. He loves seeing women being fucked. Cunt and ass. He's in his early 50s, but very handsome and in good shape.

So I started thinking about a scenario where I take you to his place (or you come to mine, and he's there). Maybe you're blindfolded, maybe you're not. But I undress you and show off to him all the pertinent bits. He's certainly familiar with asses (he's gay) but he hasn't seen tits or cunt in a while, except in porn. After that.. maybe I give a demonstration of what to do with a cunt (insert penis, as you may recall, that usually works). Maybe he joins, maybe he watches...

Just a thought. Not even sure he'd do it, I haven't asked. But you know how my mind works...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another neighbor really sucks.

When Lisa came over yesterday I got distracted. I'd been quite agreeably worked up, fucking her hard, and then had fucked her ass as well. But at some point, quite suddenly, I went from being incredibly aroused to being.. well, not aroused at all. I didn't come.

Then, this morning Sarah came over and I fucked her. But it was a fairly desultory affair and I didn't come then either; we went out for lunch instead. So by this afternoon when I got home I was quite superbly horny.

What to do? I went on to a gay cruising site looking for.. well.. I don't know what. But I did know that when I'm as horny as that I often end up too fussy for my own good.. every guy who messages me, I think to myself "yes, he's hot.. and fun.. but what if someone better messages me in a few minutes...?", it's that whole thing about the perfect being the enemy of the good.

I'd been chatting with a guy who lives nearby who rather likes guys to drop by his place, he gets on his knees, sucks their cocks, they come in his mouth, then they leave. And it occurred to me that that might be just what I need.

So I went over and did just that. Nice guy, as it happens. Stocky but not fat, 40ish. Quite masculine. Nice apartment. Seemed to have something to do with the movie business, judging from a quick scan of his bookshelves as I was fucking his mouth (I did that porny thing where I held his head still and just fucked him - we both liked that).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's going to rub it off, eventually.

Lisa today was telling me that she's been extremely horny all week, and in the morning after her husband's gone off to work she masturbates. Then masturbates again, and again. Sometimes it takes her an hour to get out of the house. She said that she sometimes doesn't even turn her vibrator off after she's come, because she knows she'll want to do it again almost immediately.

It's much easier being a man, of course. Once is fine. And in fact, even as I'm still ejaculating I'm starting to think of what to do next, it's nice to have a bit of mental clarity. (This also happens to me when I'm fucking.)

Lisa and me .. and then this other bloke shows up

Lisa came over today, and even before I started in on her she told me that she's been thinking a lot lately about being tied up.

I said "I have some stuff", which she said I had already told her before (she remembers every conversation we've had, apparently.. but I do that with Claire too). So I dragged my bag of what Sam used to call my 'mountaineering equipment' out of the closet and showed her the ropes. And the cuffs and whatnot. I couldn't tell whether she wanted to be tied up right then and there, but I wasn't in the mood. It's rather a lot of work and I haven't done it for ages.

I did, however, remember that I'd bought some of that double-sided bondage tape and I got that out and told her I'd never used it. And when I saw how her eyes lit up I suggested we could try (which was really just for me.. one day I'll have to use this stuff and I'll need to have at least a rough idea how it works). She put her arms out, wrists crossed in front of her and I rather inexpertly taped her up. And sure enough, she couldn't get out. I felt her up a bit while she was restrained, just as a bit of a teaser, but then released her and we had some very agreeable fun.

She had, at the start, before any of this told me about a fantasy that's been consuming her. The idea is roughly like this: she's at my place. She's blindfolded, possibly tied up or somehow restrained. And naked. Then there's a knock on the door. It's another guy... I let him in, he fucks her while I watch. Or maybe I join in. Then he goes.

Those of you with very good memories may remember that I nearly got this exact situation going with Harriet. It's a real favorite of mine. And the sort of thing I'd do all the time if I were a woman. (And it's probably a good thing that I'm not.)

I have a couple of possible candidates for this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I sometimes go on cam on one of the adult sites I'm on. It's usually when I'm playing piano, or working or something, and I have the cam so that you can see my face and my upper body and not much else. And I leave it on while I do whatever it is that I'm doing, to see what washes up on the shore.

I can tell if people are watching me. It's often guys, but sometimes I get women. And once in a while, one of them will message me. And as often as not, if I get a message from a woman, it's someone who is (according to her profile) in her mid-20s, is horny and will do anything. And the message? Usually something like "show me your cock", or sometimes just "show cock".

I know that when it's something like this it's really a 50yo man with a bad combover. But I ask "do you have a cam? I need to see you to make sure you're not a guy", and they invariably respond with something along the lines they had a cam but it's broken and they'll get one next week, but in the meantime can they please see my cock...?

To which the answer is, of course, no. But what's fun about this is that if some 50yo man did message me and asked to see my cock there's a decent chance I'd oblige anyway.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sam and Chris; Kate, Lisa and Keiko.

I was away for a week (after the pilot thing) and only got back on Sunday. I didn't get up to any mischief while I was away - the closest I got was going out one night with Sam and a couple of his friends. We went to a gay bar (well, gay-ish.. the Railway Hotel in Chapel St, on a Sunday night) and I realised that there were only 2 guys there I fancied at all. One was Sam (of course), and another was his friend Chris. As we were leaving, Chris said to me very quietly "you smell like a mechanic", and when I looked a little startled he quickly added that it was a good thing.

I stayed at Sam's that night, but there's no hanky-panky. Even when we were in a relationship the sex was a little strained and awkward. Which surprised me, as he's exactly the sort of guy I go for. He's like me.

I've made up for lost time since I've been back. Monday I saw Kate, then on Tuesday Lisa came over. Then tonight Keiko. Three women in three days, which is quite good if you're keeping score (as I clearly am at some level).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pilot... pic

My recent acquaintance, the Pilot, took some pics of me. Here's one.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I was chatting with a guy a couple of weeks ago on a gay site, and he had a rather intriguing proposition. He was in his early 50s, straightforward and articulate, and according to the pics on his profile was in good shape. He said he was a voyeur. We chatted a bit and worked out a plan.

So one day last week he came up to my place. He came in, and without either of us saying anything much, sat on a chair and watched as I undressed and started to masturbate. He was wearing a suit and was quite handsome, and as I played with my cock he kept encouraging me - asking me to change positions, do various things. All of which I was very happy to oblige. I'm an exhibitionist - but I'm a shy exhibitionist. I like to be asked.

We'll do it again.