Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Day

And in amongst all this I managed to have sex with a man and a woman on Sunday. Not at the same time though.

The man's a guy I've been chatting with for a while on a gay site. He's gay and has a partner and whatnot but he's straight-curious. Which I love. I'm surprised how many gay men I know watch straight porn. In his case, he still quite fancies women but he hasn't had sex with a woman in 15 years. I think it's because if you're somewhere in the middle it's quite easy to just dive headlong into the gay world, it's easy to make friends, it's ludicrously easy to find casual sex, and the whole thing with women seems too hard.

His partner, he told me, is very similar. I mentioned them to Lisa, something along the lines that there's two horny gay-ish men who havent had sex with a woman since the early 1990s but are very keen to try again and it'd be fun. She loves the idea, of course. Damn she's fun.

Anyway, I went over to this guy's place on Sunday morning. His partner wasn't there (thay have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about fucking around) and we undressed and sat on the couch and watched some straight porn. He and I have similar tastes, as we discovered when we were chatting. We both love seeing a woman with two or three guys. And then I fucked him. My original idea was that he was going to fuck me but his cock was way too thick.

All very good fun. And then as I left his place (this is about 930 sunday morning) I turned the corner and ran into my best friend, who was talking one of his kids for a walk. "What are you doing?" he asked, preplexed. And then nodded, realising I wasn't going to answer. Now he's pretty sure I'm fucking one of his neighbors.

Then that evening Judith came over. I hadn't seen her in a while. We had dinner then I fucked her.


I had a new friend over last night, and I of course use the word "friend" very loosely here. Her name's Lily and we've been chatting online and on the phone for a couple of weeks. She's around 40 and seems refreshingly normal. She told me that what she really wants is to be a sex slave (her exact words). And when she's been in relationships she's not wanted to bring it up in case it weirded the guy out - and also because she didn't want to have to ask for it. All of which I sort of understand.

We chatted quite a bit and I liked her. She's direct, articulate, funny. She's just after a bit of fun once in a while and doesn't want anything more than that. Perfect! She came over last night.

I proposed my favorite setup to her and she agreed. She came up to my apartment, changed (she wanted to wear some special outfit instead of her work clothes, which I agreed to) and then put on the blindfold I had left out (and, I noticed, the collar too.. good girl!) and then I came out where I'd been hiding and started to explore her.

It was all going great. Then.... pretty much at the exact moment she came my lower back went into spasm. I've not really had back problems before, but this week's been a bit iffy and with all the excitement of playing with her I'd somehow managed to bend over and twist or something.

I hobbled around for a while, she massaged my lower back, I did some stretches.. then we sat on the couch chatting as we finished the bottle of wine she'd thoughtfully brought. And I sent her off. We'll do this again. But now that we've chatted a lot (and I really do like her) it's going to be harder to objectify her. I'm sure I'll manage.

Search me.

As you know, I'm unhealthily interested in how people find this blog. Especially if it's as a result of a google search. In the last 24 hours I've had three people arrive here via google. And here's the search terms...

  • "tie her" "suck my cock all night"
  • married woman's secret sex life blog
  • i fucked lisa and she's married

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had dinner tonight with Claire. Lovely, exquisite Claire. Who's just broken up with her boyfriend for the second time. I've never met him, luckily enough.

We both ordered the beef cheeks and it occurred to me, not for the first time, that 'beef cheeks' sounds vaguely rude and I spent a second or two working out why.

It's about half-way between "butt cheeks" and "beef curtains".

One of each.

I had lunch with Sarah on Friday, then quickly scuttled back to my apartment to get ready. Ready for what? I can almost hear you ask. Well, you may remember she and I had cooked up a plan. She'd been chatting with some guy online who was kind of curious about doing stuff with another guy. And in particular, wanted to try sucking cock and being fucked. While a woman watched. And the guy (this just gets better) is mid-40s and married. She, of course, thought of me.

So as I went back to my place, she went off to meet him. Lance, his name is. (Or rather, isn't. But for our purposes right here it is.) She brought him up to my place and introduced us. "This is Lance", she said to me, "and he wants to be fucked." My initial impression was pretty favorable. He's mid 40s, quite handsome, nicely-dressed and with a good body.

I got him to stand still while I walked around him slowly, touching him, checking him out. Feeling his ass and whatnot. Sarah sat on the couch and watched. He was getting a nice hardon. I got him to whip his cock out and it was very nice - average length, but nice and thick. Then I made him kneel and told him to suck my cock and, as he started, gave him pretty specific feedback on how he was doing it. Men, even if they've never sucked cock before, do it well.

Then after a while I took him into the bedroom and got him up on all fours on the bed. Sarah sat on the bed next to me and watched. I lubed him up and slid my finger into his ass. Very tight! I told them both that once I'd been with a married couple where the deal was that I was going to fuck the husband for his first time while she watched, but I could tell almost straight away that he'd had cock in his ass before. His secret was safe with me, I didn't say anything.

I had a decent hardon, but not enough to get my cock into his very tight ass (I tried and failed a couple of times). I cast around for something to do that would get me nice and hard but in the end that distraction was enough. I got my cock in and started fucking him, and I was agreeably surprised at how well he took it. Like a man, as I later told Sarah.

After a few minutes of fucking him I - predictably - got bored. We lay on the bed for a while, chatting. Sarah and I are quite similar, and when I said to her later in an email that the more he talked the less I liked him she said I hit the nail on the head. It was slightly awkward - I'd arranged with Sarah that after I'd fucked him and he'd left, I'd fuck her. (Her idea.) But she hadn't actually told him that. And we were both, as we discussed later, trying to figure out a way to gracefully ease him out so we could finish it off. We chatted for a while, then he seemed to realise that he was, in fact, the third wheel, and he left. I sorted Sarah out then we lay in bed chatting for ages.

We were talking about anal sex - probably because she'd just seen me fucking Lance. I'd fucked Sarah in the ass once, her one and only time of having anal. She thought it was so-so. I told her that I thought it was great that she was willing to try it (she even suggested it) but it that I could tell at the time that it wasn't doing much for her. Some woman, I told her, just adore it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Al Fresco

Lisa came over and we went out for lunch, then had a walk along the harbour. There weren't many people around (it was cold today) so we stopped partway. She took her jeans and panties off and I got down behind her and fucked her for a little while but I wasn't really into it - it was cold, the rocks were hurting my knees, I kept imagining that I could hear people coming. So we stopped.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lisa and compliments.

Lisa came over yesterday and we fucked. We have a running joke that we have to keep meeting up and having sex until we get it right, and so after every session we have a little mock-discussion about how it was good but that there's still some way to go, there are still areas for improvement and whatnot. But it really was superb.

Afterwards we lay in bed for a while, then got some lunch and went down to the little park by the harbour and ate and then lay on the grass in the sunshine. Sydney, for all its crassness and corruption and sheer incompetence, is breathtakingly beautiful if you happen to live in one of the nice bits. As I do.

She said I don't take compliments at all well. And I know, too, that the fact that I don't compliment her much seems to annoy her. (Oona once took me to task for never saying that she looked nice, but the reality was that she just didn't look nice and I can't just say stuff for the sake of it.) My issue with Lisa and compliments is, I think, that I'm always a bit worried that she's getting too attached, and so when she says something nice about me it makes me squirm a little.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just discovered, by looking through the traffic on this blog, that if you type "pissed on my cock" into google (with the quote marks), mine's the second listing. Whahey!

It's this one.

How am I doing?

I know people read this; I have eyes in the back of my head. I even know where some of you are. And how often you come here.

And while a large part of why I do this is as a journal, my own record, I'm also keen to hear from you. So don't be shy. Leave a comment. Or email me if you like.

Lunch with Lisa

Lisa and I had had a bit of a fuck-fest sheduled for Tuesday but when I told her I was unwell she insisted on taking me out for lunch (there's a pattern emerging here; one I rather like). She picked me up and we went off to a suburb in the inner west. We had lunch at a hole-in-the-wall vietnamese restaurant (pho tai nam for me, 9/10) and we talked about sex and food and money.

Apart from me she has one or two other casual sex partners (which reassures me; I'm always concerned she's getting a bit attached. But if she's married and fucking 2 or 3 other guys from time to time I figure that's less of an issue) and she's working on a plan to have us all over to her place one night when her husband's away in early August. She's very keen to have 4 or 5 men fucking her but she wants - not unreasonably - to make sure that they're all the sort of men who she'd be happy fucking, and who would understand the situation. On the way back we stopped at her house for a moment, and her dog was all over me. And people wonder why I don't like pets..

After this lunching and talking and driving around I was starting to feel exhausted (remember.. I have this lung thing. Which the doctor assures me isn't remotely serious and will go away. The doctor said I look very healthy, and I was wondering, not for the first time, whether he was cruising me). As she drove me home Lisa said something about how for her it's really important to have an emotional connection with the people she sleeps with, and that I'm the only one she feels like she has that with, and that the sex is amazing. And while I was a little flattered I was also slightly freaking out, especially when she turned to look at me like it was my turn to say something.

Lunch with Sarah.

On the weekend I came down with some sort of viral thing where my lungs are really sore and I'm tired but I'm otherwise fine. I was supposed to be fucking Sarah on Monday morning and when I told her I wasn't up for it we decided to have lunch instead, which was lovely. Then, as we were walking back to her car, two men in a white van shouted at us. Or rather, at her. The driver was a handsome man around 20 with a strangely familiar face and was, as she told me later, her son.

Fortunately they didn't stop, they just shouted and kept going. She was quiet afterwards. Then she figured out that she wasn't busted - she goes out for lunch a lot with people, it's her job, more or less. I remind you, readers, for about the thousandth time that she's married.

At lunch she ran an idea past me. She's on a BDSM website (which is, now I remember, where I met her) and she's been chatting with a guy who's a Dom but who has confided to her that he even though he's completely straight and has never done anything with a guy, he has these fantasies about being made to suck a guy's cock, or be fucked, while a woman is watching. Or supervising.

Well of course she immediately thought of me.

We talked a bit about how this might work. Some variation on good cop/bad cop, I suspect. With her bringing him up to my place for me to sort him out. I think it'd be more fun if she's a bit pushy and I'm more a patient, good cop. Any suggestions? He's seen a picture of me and is, apparently, quite keen.

We're trying to schedule this. She's married. He's married. I have commitments. We will find a way! What's interesting about this is that the raunch, the oomph, has slowly drained out of our little arrangement. I actually enjoy lying in bed with her after sex more than the actual sex itself and I sometimes wonder if she feels the same way. I feel slightly awkard talking about sex with her now as our relationship has veered closer to being a social one, and when I was describing a recent encounter to her (we tell all.. it's fun) I found myself reluctant - and slightly embarrassed - to use the word 'cock'. This is a bad sign.

But as we discussed how we could play it with this guy, we got quite animated and the discussion became quite.. raunchy. She made a special request: we'll do this thing with this guy, but then once he's left I have to fuck her immediately.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Date Girl

I bet you can hardly sleep for wondering about that woman I messaged last week, the one I was worried might be a bit too date-y. We met for a drink on Monday night and she told me that she's looking for a man who she can rely on to fuck her about once a week. Fair enough, I thought. She's not at all date-y, but english is her second language, which maybe explains the tone of her first message. (She's from eastern europe originally. Strong accent. Blonde. Mid30s, decent-looking. An academic.)

She came over tonight. We had a bottle of wine (in my case, about a mouthful. I hardly drink). We had something to eat. She asked if I had any toys or gear, and I reluctantly admitted that I did, in fact, have a good blindfold, some handcuffs, ropes and wrist and ankle restraints and whatnot - what Sam used to refer to as my mountaineering gear - and she was very keen to try all this out. It'd been quite a while for me. I blindfolded her, played with her a bit. Then fucked her and did quite a good job of it even if I do say so myself.

She wants to do it again on Wednesday.

Lisa and the cucumber.

Lisa came over on Tuesday morning around 10ish. She brought with her her usual toys and a cucumber and a carrot. I liked this so much that I used my clumsy webcam to video part of the action, where we were working on her pussy with the cucumber. I put it on xtube and it's been seen by 8,000 people.. and counting. Amazing. The video makes her look fat; she's not.

Monday, July 6, 2009

She's exquisite.

I'm finally back after two weeks away and I had coffee with Claire yesterday. She really is the most exquisitely beautiful woman I've ever met. I thought so from the very first second I met her.