Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lunch with Sarah.

On the weekend I came down with some sort of viral thing where my lungs are really sore and I'm tired but I'm otherwise fine. I was supposed to be fucking Sarah on Monday morning and when I told her I wasn't up for it we decided to have lunch instead, which was lovely. Then, as we were walking back to her car, two men in a white van shouted at us. Or rather, at her. The driver was a handsome man around 20 with a strangely familiar face and was, as she told me later, her son.

Fortunately they didn't stop, they just shouted and kept going. She was quiet afterwards. Then she figured out that she wasn't busted - she goes out for lunch a lot with people, it's her job, more or less. I remind you, readers, for about the thousandth time that she's married.

At lunch she ran an idea past me. She's on a BDSM website (which is, now I remember, where I met her) and she's been chatting with a guy who's a Dom but who has confided to her that he even though he's completely straight and has never done anything with a guy, he has these fantasies about being made to suck a guy's cock, or be fucked, while a woman is watching. Or supervising.

Well of course she immediately thought of me.

We talked a bit about how this might work. Some variation on good cop/bad cop, I suspect. With her bringing him up to my place for me to sort him out. I think it'd be more fun if she's a bit pushy and I'm more a patient, good cop. Any suggestions? He's seen a picture of me and is, apparently, quite keen.

We're trying to schedule this. She's married. He's married. I have commitments. We will find a way! What's interesting about this is that the raunch, the oomph, has slowly drained out of our little arrangement. I actually enjoy lying in bed with her after sex more than the actual sex itself and I sometimes wonder if she feels the same way. I feel slightly awkard talking about sex with her now as our relationship has veered closer to being a social one, and when I was describing a recent encounter to her (we tell all.. it's fun) I found myself reluctant - and slightly embarrassed - to use the word 'cock'. This is a bad sign.

But as we discussed how we could play it with this guy, we got quite animated and the discussion became quite.. raunchy. She made a special request: we'll do this thing with this guy, but then once he's left I have to fuck her immediately.

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