Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had a new friend over last night, and I of course use the word "friend" very loosely here. Her name's Lily and we've been chatting online and on the phone for a couple of weeks. She's around 40 and seems refreshingly normal. She told me that what she really wants is to be a sex slave (her exact words). And when she's been in relationships she's not wanted to bring it up in case it weirded the guy out - and also because she didn't want to have to ask for it. All of which I sort of understand.

We chatted quite a bit and I liked her. She's direct, articulate, funny. She's just after a bit of fun once in a while and doesn't want anything more than that. Perfect! She came over last night.

I proposed my favorite setup to her and she agreed. She came up to my apartment, changed (she wanted to wear some special outfit instead of her work clothes, which I agreed to) and then put on the blindfold I had left out (and, I noticed, the collar too.. good girl!) and then I came out where I'd been hiding and started to explore her.

It was all going great. Then.... pretty much at the exact moment she came my lower back went into spasm. I've not really had back problems before, but this week's been a bit iffy and with all the excitement of playing with her I'd somehow managed to bend over and twist or something.

I hobbled around for a while, she massaged my lower back, I did some stretches.. then we sat on the couch chatting as we finished the bottle of wine she'd thoughtfully brought. And I sent her off. We'll do this again. But now that we've chatted a lot (and I really do like her) it's going to be harder to objectify her. I'm sure I'll manage.

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