Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walks on the beach.

I sent a message to a woman on an adult site I'm on. She sounded ok and wasn't too far away from where I live. Her profile did sound a bit date-y, it even had this in it: "However, I may enjoy a nice conversation tete-a-tete over a glass of vine or a short / long walk on the beach". The walk-on-the-beach thing is a particular concern. I expect she also likes Robbie Williams. Or, even worse, "all kinds of music (except country and rap)". Normally I wouldn't message someone with this much date-content but she'd sent me a wink so I figured she was interested. And my profile is very short and pretty much says I'm just looking to meet interesting women for sex, and then I've ticked all the boxes for stuff I like (which does tend to put them off a bit, if they're squeamish).

The message I sent was fairly brief, as you'd expect. And I got a response:
Ok...so you are down-to-business type of guy. Well, let me think - yes, we could meet for a coffee and chit-chat....

I also would like to get a little bit more info about you, i.e. why [this adult site]?. I mean if you are all that - "well-travelled, literate, imaginative" you shouldn't have problems getting a girl if you live in Sydney for some time and have your circle of friends.

Also who do you expect to meet? What frequency? What kind of fun?
None of these are silly questions, really, but it's put me on the back foot. I've responded as best I could, trying not to sound too defensive and have then, of course, posed the question back to her. It's pretty clear what I'm doing on an adult site, after all.

Abort mission!

I was supposed to be meeting up last night with a woman who lives not far from here, who I'd met on an adult site and had been chatting with quite a bit. But I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen. She's one of those people who's very keen to meet until you actually try to have a discussion about where and when.

She'd said sometime this week would be fine when we'd spoken last week, but showed no sign of wanting to make it any more specific (she did, however, give me her phone number). So I suggested Tuesday and she said that would be fine. I do notice, however, that it's up to me to drive this whole thing which makes me suspect her heart's really not in it. In which case it'd save us some time if she just said so. I don't like being thought of as pushy.

I was talking about this with my neighbor the other day (and in just this context). My thinking is that if people really do want to meet it's actually very straightforward. So if someone sounds interesting and interested, but hasn't met within, say, two week it can only mean that they just don't want to. She agreed. Men do it to her, apparently. Which I just don't understand. She's hot, she's fun and she's on an 'adult' site. Maybe she sounds too good to be true. But I digress...

So I had a babysitter organised and was a bit edgy. About lunchtime she texted me to say it wasn't going to work that day (for a reason that actually made some sense, strangely enough). What to do? I couldn't cancel the babysitter.

I went on a gay site and was messaged by a guy who sounded pretty interesting and I said I'd be over at his place a bit after 7. Which I did. We sat around chatting for a few minutes, he gave me a beer. The face pic he'd sent me was grainy and I thought there was a half-decent chance that it'd been taken 20 years ago but it wasn't. He was easy to talk to and quite presentable.. at least until he got his pants off.

Here's the situation. I'm in this guy's living-room. We've chatted a bit, we've had a beer. We're now both naked from the waist down and about to start having some fun and I've noticed that his scrotum is unnaturally large. The size of a large grapefruit, and hard and tight. My mind's racing, trying to sort all this out. If I'm meeting someone for a bit of casual fucking I don't like any loose ends. I like to understand what they're up to and I get uncomfortable otherwise. I think I wanted him to explain his unfeasibly large balls. I said something to the effect that he had an unusually large ballsack and he said nothing.

So my mind tried to fill in the gaps. A disease? Or, more likely, saline? The one thing I do know is that my cock was adamantly un-hard and I knew that I was going to have to extricate myself from the situation. I so hate doing this, it seems so impolite. But once my cock's made that decision (it says "you can do this, but you'll be on your own") the die's cast. So I put my hand on his shoulder and said "Pete, sorry, this really isn't going to work for me". And we both got dressed, chatting a bit as we did so to cover what would otherwise be a very embarassed silence and he let me out and I drove home.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy week.

Monday afternoon Lisa picked me up and we drove a couple of hours down the coast to a regional city. She was doing down there for some corporate training thing and she'd told her husband she was going down the evening before so she'd be nice and fresh for the first day. My encounters with Lisa have mostly been an hour or so here and there, which I rather like, but we'd also had pretty much a whole evening in a hotel room with some champagne, food and ecstasy and that had gone very well so we were looking for another opportunity.

I worry about Lisa. Or rather, I worry about Lisa and me. Her marriage is very rocky. She and I get on very well. She teases me sometimes about how she's never allowed to use the word 'love' around me. She compliments me, then watches as I struggle to say something back that strikes the right balance between being charming and distant.

We checked into the hotel and had dinner. I noticed that I was much more at ease around her - the same thing happened when we spent that lovely evening in a hotel room a month ago too. Maybe it's being out of our usual environment that makes me relaxed; I'm no longer trying to manage the Lisa-and-me situation, I'm just enjoying it for what it is. I told her a story over dinner that made her laugh so hard that the whole restaurant went eerily quiet. She even snorted.

Then back to the hotel room. Some champagne, some ecstasy. Some sex. There was one moment there where I found that I was having the most intensely erotic experience of my life. I told her. She said at one point that she'd completely surrendered to me. After we'd finished she said I was the best lover she'd ever had, which I was quite chuffed about. And there's something in that - these two hotel sessions with her had an intensity I'd never really imagined.

She loves being fucked in the ass. I pointed out that gay men (which I am, sometimes) know a hell of a lot about anal sex, and that if I was in a hotel room being fucked in the ass by a nice man I'd want to be huffing poppers. So I introduced her to the joy of anal sex on poppers, which she now loves.

The next day, I flew down to Melbourne where I'll be for the next couple of days. And normally I wouldn't get up to anything fun in Melbourne (certainly not with women) but I'd had a bit of luck with a contact... a referral.

Huh? A gay friend of mine had mentioned me to his boss, who's a married woman in her 30s. She likes to fuck around a bit but has problems finding guys who are sensible and available and who understand that a quick lunchtime fuck with a married woman - even if it's repeated a few times - is only just that: a quick lunchtime fuck. He showed her my picture on my gaydar profile and she recognised me! She'd seen my face on some straight site. He asked me if he could pass on my details and I was, of course, delighted.

She and I have been messaging back and forth a bit, and we met up Thursday lunchtime in an agreeably seedy hotel. I'd told her to leave the door unlocked and to be facing away from the door, fully-dressed but with no shoes on. You might recognise the no-shoes thing as a bit of a pattern and be wondering whether I have a foot fetish. I don't. But for one thing, I don't like having to take a woman's shoes off becase it disrupts the flow. Also, there's a teensy bit of a control element in it. She asked if I was really sure, and helpfully pointed out that she normally would be wearing 6-inch heeled boots. All the more reason to get her in bare feet, I think. I hate that whole boots thing.

So I walked into this hotel room (and it was actually quite nice) and she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Wearing nice work clothes (she's my friend's boss after all) which I like. She's very sexy, as it turns out. And I was nicely aroused. We had a lovely time. She, it turns out, likes to be ravished. Which I was quite in the mood for.

We agreed afterwards that my friend didn't need to know we'd fucked. We'll do it again too. Lisa called me yesterday afternoon to chew the fat and I told her what I'd been up to, mostly to see what sort of reaction she'd have. She had, as it happened, just had sex with this guy Steve , who she and I have been talking about a lot as a likely candidate for our next little MMF adventure. She wants to see me fuck Steve.

Last night I went out to a concert with my ex-boyfriend Sam. He knows all about all this. When he and I were together we were both somewhere in the gray area between straight and gay. He's kept going and is pretty much completely gay (he told me once, not very regretfully, that he'd eaten his last pussy). Whereas I'm... well, a bit all over the place.

As I walked towards Sam on the street corner where we'd agreed to meet I thought, for about the thousandth time, that he's incredibly hot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Wednesday last week Sarah invited me to a cocktail party that was being given by some PR company in a nightclub, early evening. I went along, we had a couple of drinks, I snatched enough food off passing plates to pass for dinner, then we went back to my place and I fucked her as best I could. I wasn't particularly into it.

Then Saturday early evening Lisa came over. And, again, I wasn't particularly into it. This worries me a little - here I am on Saturday, I have a woman in may apartment. She's naked. She's up for pretty much anything I suggest... and part of me wishes I was doing something else.

But just as I start to worry (maybe this is it.. I've just lost interest in sex?) it all comes back. In the middle of all this I had a very strange but profoundly satisfying encounter with a (male) flight attendant on the Thursday. I won't go into the details.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other neighbor, Lisa and watersports.

Years ago, when I was still married and fooling around a lot on the side with guys, I decided it would be fun to try to fool around with women as well. But how? Apart from being married to one, I really didn't know much about women. One of my colleagues told me that the secret is to find a woman in a bar or a club and talk to her for five hours. Then, he assured me, you're almost certain to plunge the tusk. Five hours? I don't have that much time for anything.

Anyway. I joined an 'adult' dating site. There was a woman on there whose profile seemed ok (she could spell and seemed quite straightforward - didn't want to be wined and dined and none of that stuff about expecting to be treated like 'a lady', which usually means they have lots of tatts and a broken nose) so I messaged her and within a day or two we were having a drink. At the opera bar. I was very nervous, I had no idea how to play it. It was, as I discovered later, her first time meeting someone from a fucking site so she was very unsure as well. So we had a drink and talked about work. She was attractive in a fairly unspectacular way but I could tell she was a bit underwhelmed.

We exchanged email addresses and then the whole thing trailed off.. never met again. I went on to meet many other women, and, as I'm now quite a bit more confident and better at pushing an agenda, I got to fuck many of them. Sometimes over and over again. (Lisa. Judith. Cathy.)

Then one day I stumbled upon her profile again. Let's call her Sue. I re-read it and thought it sounded great, and I remembered that she'd been quite attractive so I threw caution to the wind and emailed her again. We ended up chatting on msn. She told me that she'd been very nervous when we'd met, and that my being so nervous made it worse. We chatted some more. And, much to my surprise, she told me that she had many fantasies about watersports. Watersports! My favorite perversion! We discussed this at some length, she even sent me links to particular representations of it in porn that she liked.

By this stage I had moved from where I'd been living where we'd first met, and I was now (as we figured out) just around the corner from her. I've forgotten what she looks like, but she has recognized me in the street a couple of times. I suggest meeting up. She thinks about it, says maybe next week.. then backs out. Her issue is that now we're neighbors it's too risky. I can sort of understand this, but it's immensely frustrating.

Anyway. I was chatting to her the other day and I told her I'd managed to have some lovely watersports fun. She wanted the details. So this is what I sent her...
[Sue] -

My lovely friend [Lisa] came over the week before last (we see each other once or twice a month). Wednesday, lunchtime-ish, as usual. She's nice, and adventurous. Loves being fucked in the ass, which is another of my favorites. Also loves MMF situations, but that's another story.

We'd done some watersports stuff once before and she really liked it. And this day I'm talking about, she was nice and horny so I suggested it again. One thing about watersports (in my limited experience) is that you have to think about a bit about what you're going to do, and where and how. We went to the bathroom, both naked. I got her to stand in the shower, bent over at the waist about 45 degrees, hands on the shower wall. With her legs spread so I could play with her pussy and her ass.

She stood there for a little while, trying to piss for me. Of course, the problem was that I can't just leave her pussy and ass alone, I kept licking and fingering her and of course it was too distracting. I knew it was going to take a while but I'm quite happy in that situation and can keep myself busy just playing with her. Two holes.. so much to do etc.

But after couple minutes we had to re-think the whole thing (for one thing, it was too cold to stand naked in the bathroom all afternoon). So we ended up doing what we'd done first time: I lay down in the bath (with a towel underneath me for comfort) and she sort of squatted over me, her pussy just about touching the head of my cock. Well of course I couldnt resist running the head of my cock along her pussy, as I do. But I did manage to stop, and after concentrating for a minute or so she started pissing on my cock.

I was almost beside myself.. I'm seeing all this, my cock almost inside her pussy, she's pissing on my cock head. And all over my cock and balls. Lovely. Then, after she finished (which took a while, I'd texted her earlier and told her to drink lots of water) I returned the favor. She stayed squatting over my cock and I pissed as I ran my cock over her pussy lips and her ass.

I'm getting a lovely hardon as I think about it. Enjoy!
I've asked Sue for marks out of 10 for my essay. I'll update you. On a stylistic note, I don't much like the word 'pussy' but I don't want to run the risk of putting her off by using cunt.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A good seeing-to.

If you google "how to give a woman a good seeing to" (without the quote marks) the first link you come to is this blog! I only found out because I notice someone arrived here from google. And in exactly that way. This is the best news I've had all day. But then again, it's only just gone 11am.

Lisa. The Good Doctor. Claire. I think that's about all.

Lisa came over twice this week. She's been having issues with her husband, which has sort of set off alarm bells for me, but I console myself with the thought that I've never said it was about anything other than sex. And the sex, I have to say, is superb.

First time around was Wednesday morning and I was a bit distracted with work (yes, I'm working again now) but still managed to a reasonably thorough job. We lay around in bed for a while afterwards, as we do, talking. My flat's in a very urban area but when you lie in my bed (as you will, I'm sure) you can only see clear blue sky, the tops of some trees a few feet from the window, and some cheeky lorikeets cavorting in the trees. Except for the sounds of traffic and police sirens you could almost imagine yourself in some bucolic splendor. My room has pale blue walls, which I like a lot. (I didn't do that.)

I was out of town all day Thursday and got back late, but not so late that I couldn't squeeze in a little fun. My acquaintance Dr Cox was in town, and while I'd had some fun with him a couple of times over summer, we hadn't managed to catch up since. What with him being in a different city. But as luck would have it he was in Sydney on business for a day or two so I went over to his hotel room and he... well.. let's just say he gave me a very thorough exam. He had been trying to get another 'patient' as well but that had fallen through. The guy's name was Julian, so I figured he would have been a knob anyway.

Back to Lisa. I got an email from her on Friday morning. Now, when I said I did 'a reasonably thorough job' with her on Wednesday there was something I didn't do. And which she's become very used to. It's like that thing where you walk past a guy painting a fence or something, and sometimes you can't help it, you just have to say "hey mate, you missed a bit..."

She had emailed me this on Thursday night. Probably when I was in the middle of being examined by Dr Cox:
In light of potentially being out of action next week, it might be a nice idea to have my ass fucked tomorrow.
I wasn't actually all that horny but I told her come over late afternoon. I figured by then I'd be able to sort her out. Which I did. We probably won't see each other next week (we both have work commitments). Which might not be a bad thing.

Oh, and I went out last night with Claire. Who, you'll be pleased to know, I'm not really in love with any more. Or not very much anyway. We saw a movie, had dinner. She asked me, as she does, when I'd last had sex and I looked at my watch and said "about three hours ago". She drove me home, and as we got in the car she said quite matter-of-factly "I love you, Trevor" (Trevor's not my name, of course. She used my real name. Which you SO don't need to know.) I said quite quietly "and I love you, Claire, I always have" and off we went.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was online yesterday mid-afternoon, checking my emails on a gay site when I got a chat request. I looked at the guy's profile: early30s, nice bod, no face. Seemed ok. We started chatting. He said he was in the same neighborhood as me and was very horny and was looking for something right then - he said he was married and only had an hour.

Well, as you can imagine I found that pretty compelling. I don't generally meet up with guys one-on-one these days but if it's a married guy sneaking around with that much of a sense of urgency - and he's nearby - it's hard to resist. I asked him for a facepic and he said he couldn't send one (married.. fair enough) so I sent him mine.

He recognised me! It turns out we have coffee at the same cafe and he'd seen me a few times. Earlier than day even. And he'd thought I was hot and straight. Well, that sold me. "Come on over right now", I said, and gave him my address.

He came over. Nice guy. We fooled around. I fucked him. We had a pleasant chat. He left. All very straightforward. I expect we'll do it again. And he still didn't tell me his first name.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now they're feeding me!

I was a bit under the weather last week; I'd had a mild cold, then just as I was getting over it I had a very late night (the highlight of which was that I slept with Claire - but it was just sleep). And as a result I got laryngitis and felt crappy most of the week.

On Wednesday though, Lisa came over. And as well as bringing her lovely compliant body and her nasty imagination, she brought over some beef stew that she'd cooked the previous night for her and her husband. It was yummy, I had it for lunch on Thursday.

Then on Saturday morning, just as I was starting to feel better, I got a text from Sarah saying that her husband was out of town and was I free that afternoon. So of course I said yes. She showed up without my usual favorite brand of dried mango, but she had instead a tub of some lovely spicy fatty pork that she'd found in the same Filipino store. I ate a little of that, fucked her, then we lay in bed for three or four hours talking.

The next day, Sunday, I had the rest of the pork for lunch. Then Judith came over on Sunday night and she brought with her a container full of lovely homemade chicken soup, a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. In the photo above, the container on the left is Judith's. On the right is Lisa's. The container for Sarah's pork was a throw-away one.

In the middle of all this I also fucked Oona on Friday night, which was probably a mistake.

I was chatting earlier this evening with an acquaintance in Singapore (who had been very excitedly telling me that he'd had sex yesterday with a visiting American military man) who asked what I'd been up to during the week, and it occurred to me that, for someone who'd been a bit under the weather, I'd done quite well:

  • fucked 4 women
  • 3 of them brought me food
  • 3 of them involved anal sex
  • 2 of them were married
  • and had that bit of a play with Joe, see the pics on previous post