Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now they're feeding me!

I was a bit under the weather last week; I'd had a mild cold, then just as I was getting over it I had a very late night (the highlight of which was that I slept with Claire - but it was just sleep). And as a result I got laryngitis and felt crappy most of the week.

On Wednesday though, Lisa came over. And as well as bringing her lovely compliant body and her nasty imagination, she brought over some beef stew that she'd cooked the previous night for her and her husband. It was yummy, I had it for lunch on Thursday.

Then on Saturday morning, just as I was starting to feel better, I got a text from Sarah saying that her husband was out of town and was I free that afternoon. So of course I said yes. She showed up without my usual favorite brand of dried mango, but she had instead a tub of some lovely spicy fatty pork that she'd found in the same Filipino store. I ate a little of that, fucked her, then we lay in bed for three or four hours talking.

The next day, Sunday, I had the rest of the pork for lunch. Then Judith came over on Sunday night and she brought with her a container full of lovely homemade chicken soup, a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. In the photo above, the container on the left is Judith's. On the right is Lisa's. The container for Sarah's pork was a throw-away one.

In the middle of all this I also fucked Oona on Friday night, which was probably a mistake.

I was chatting earlier this evening with an acquaintance in Singapore (who had been very excitedly telling me that he'd had sex yesterday with a visiting American military man) who asked what I'd been up to during the week, and it occurred to me that, for someone who'd been a bit under the weather, I'd done quite well:

  • fucked 4 women
  • 3 of them brought me food
  • 3 of them involved anal sex
  • 2 of them were married
  • and had that bit of a play with Joe, see the pics on previous post

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