Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abort mission!

I was supposed to be meeting up last night with a woman who lives not far from here, who I'd met on an adult site and had been chatting with quite a bit. But I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen. She's one of those people who's very keen to meet until you actually try to have a discussion about where and when.

She'd said sometime this week would be fine when we'd spoken last week, but showed no sign of wanting to make it any more specific (she did, however, give me her phone number). So I suggested Tuesday and she said that would be fine. I do notice, however, that it's up to me to drive this whole thing which makes me suspect her heart's really not in it. In which case it'd save us some time if she just said so. I don't like being thought of as pushy.

I was talking about this with my neighbor the other day (and in just this context). My thinking is that if people really do want to meet it's actually very straightforward. So if someone sounds interesting and interested, but hasn't met within, say, two week it can only mean that they just don't want to. She agreed. Men do it to her, apparently. Which I just don't understand. She's hot, she's fun and she's on an 'adult' site. Maybe she sounds too good to be true. But I digress...

So I had a babysitter organised and was a bit edgy. About lunchtime she texted me to say it wasn't going to work that day (for a reason that actually made some sense, strangely enough). What to do? I couldn't cancel the babysitter.

I went on a gay site and was messaged by a guy who sounded pretty interesting and I said I'd be over at his place a bit after 7. Which I did. We sat around chatting for a few minutes, he gave me a beer. The face pic he'd sent me was grainy and I thought there was a half-decent chance that it'd been taken 20 years ago but it wasn't. He was easy to talk to and quite presentable.. at least until he got his pants off.

Here's the situation. I'm in this guy's living-room. We've chatted a bit, we've had a beer. We're now both naked from the waist down and about to start having some fun and I've noticed that his scrotum is unnaturally large. The size of a large grapefruit, and hard and tight. My mind's racing, trying to sort all this out. If I'm meeting someone for a bit of casual fucking I don't like any loose ends. I like to understand what they're up to and I get uncomfortable otherwise. I think I wanted him to explain his unfeasibly large balls. I said something to the effect that he had an unusually large ballsack and he said nothing.

So my mind tried to fill in the gaps. A disease? Or, more likely, saline? The one thing I do know is that my cock was adamantly un-hard and I knew that I was going to have to extricate myself from the situation. I so hate doing this, it seems so impolite. But once my cock's made that decision (it says "you can do this, but you'll be on your own") the die's cast. So I put my hand on his shoulder and said "Pete, sorry, this really isn't going to work for me". And we both got dressed, chatting a bit as we did so to cover what would otherwise be a very embarassed silence and he let me out and I drove home.

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