Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was online yesterday mid-afternoon, checking my emails on a gay site when I got a chat request. I looked at the guy's profile: early30s, nice bod, no face. Seemed ok. We started chatting. He said he was in the same neighborhood as me and was very horny and was looking for something right then - he said he was married and only had an hour.

Well, as you can imagine I found that pretty compelling. I don't generally meet up with guys one-on-one these days but if it's a married guy sneaking around with that much of a sense of urgency - and he's nearby - it's hard to resist. I asked him for a facepic and he said he couldn't send one (married.. fair enough) so I sent him mine.

He recognised me! It turns out we have coffee at the same cafe and he'd seen me a few times. Earlier than day even. And he'd thought I was hot and straight. Well, that sold me. "Come on over right now", I said, and gave him my address.

He came over. Nice guy. We fooled around. I fucked him. We had a pleasant chat. He left. All very straightforward. I expect we'll do it again. And he still didn't tell me his first name.


Mia Dickinson said...

Oh the best kind of fucks. When you know you'll see them around but its like some sneeky dirty secret.

Just wondering though hun, how many of the guys you meet are married? x

J said...

The one piece of information I left out (deliberately) was that after we'd played around I asked him when his wife was expecting him back and he looked a little puzzled. It turns out he was using 'married' a little loosely; what he meant was that he has a (male) partner.
Which took a little bit of the edge off it for me, but it was still fun.
When I lived in Connecticut not only was I married but most of the guys I played with were married. Married guys are less.... er, gay,.