Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walks on the beach.

I sent a message to a woman on an adult site I'm on. She sounded ok and wasn't too far away from where I live. Her profile did sound a bit date-y, it even had this in it: "However, I may enjoy a nice conversation tete-a-tete over a glass of vine or a short / long walk on the beach". The walk-on-the-beach thing is a particular concern. I expect she also likes Robbie Williams. Or, even worse, "all kinds of music (except country and rap)". Normally I wouldn't message someone with this much date-content but she'd sent me a wink so I figured she was interested. And my profile is very short and pretty much says I'm just looking to meet interesting women for sex, and then I've ticked all the boxes for stuff I like (which does tend to put them off a bit, if they're squeamish).

The message I sent was fairly brief, as you'd expect. And I got a response:
Ok...so you are down-to-business type of guy. Well, let me think - yes, we could meet for a coffee and chit-chat....

I also would like to get a little bit more info about you, i.e. why [this adult site]?. I mean if you are all that - "well-travelled, literate, imaginative" you shouldn't have problems getting a girl if you live in Sydney for some time and have your circle of friends.

Also who do you expect to meet? What frequency? What kind of fun?
None of these are silly questions, really, but it's put me on the back foot. I've responded as best I could, trying not to sound too defensive and have then, of course, posed the question back to her. It's pretty clear what I'm doing on an adult site, after all.

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