Friday, October 31, 2008

Harriet, the mirror and some grief about something.

On Thursday night I got this text message from Harriet:
I've just got home and i'm going to take my pants off and spread my legs in front of the mirror and open my cunt and play with myself thinking about sucking your handsome cock.
With the way i feel i would really like you here to fuck me and take control. A bit of discipline would make me feel better.
Now, I don't need to tell you that I love getting something like this. I was just leaving my apartment when I got it, on my way out for dinner with an old friend. He's a former colleague of mine, one of the very few people I've ever met in my line of work who I actually like spending time with. We hadn't spoken for a couple of years then he rang me a couple of months ago, he'd just gotten out of rehab (cocaine and heroin; i said i was impressed) and I was the first person he called. Which I rather liked. We catch up every couple of weeks.

I went over to his place, he showed me his art collection, then he cooked dinner. He's an exquisite cook (and no, he's not gay). He made, among other things, a plain green salad that was, I told him later, the finest salad I'd ever eaten. We had a very agreeable conversation and it was all very pleasant, but after I'd left I felt vaguely unsettled, as I usually do after seeing him.

Next morning I get a text from Harriet.
My text to you last night wasn't an invitation for you to come around, I was just saying how i felt. Your ignoring it made me feel foolish, It hurt. Please don't take this the wrong way, i understand our agreement but sometimes i struggle with how shallow this kind of sex is. i love it and i need it and i'm very appreciative of you.. its just hard sometimes. i'm a woman I do want to fuck you next week, very much. I just need a couple of days to get back to you.
For a start, that's WAY too long for a text message.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'll write about Oona properly when I have the time, but she and I had a nice sexual thing going about a year ago, for 6 months or so. I found her quite annoying though, so I stopped it. We still chat once in a while, and I took her out for dinner a couple of weeks ago just to show what a decent guy I am (as hard as that is to imagine). We exchange emails occasionally, usually about the appalling standards of spelling and grammar in the messages we each get on various sites - she recently took me to task, asking me 'How can you consider fucking someone who writes "would not of"?', which is a pretty reasonable question.


I had a very agreeable lunch on Friday with a blogger from London who I've been corresponding with for a few weeks. Mrs Robinson. She's quite charming.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friendly Policeman

You may recall that I had a plan for tomorrow that involves me, Harriet and a friendly policeman. The plan went like this. I'd be at Harriet's. She and I would get a bit worked up, then she was going to put some sort of scarf or something over her head, my friend the cop would arrive and fuck her, then he would leave without either of them seeing the other's face. She has vivid fantasies about this sort of thing, and I do love facilitating.
Me: he's very good at fucking
Her: how do you know?
Me: ....well..... he's fucked me a couple times
I live for this sort of dialogue. Anyway, Harriet's decided she's not quite ready to do this after all, which is fine. She said "I've decided that I don't have the strength this week to push my boundaries so far". (My italics). I said that was fine - which it is. Then she tried to explain how on the one hand she has these fantasies about being treated as a slut ("..the feeling of being used is very sexy to me..") but for that to work she also needs ".. a balance of sex where I feel adored and desired..". Then, to clarify, she adds "Please don't confuse this with wanting love or a relationship..". And you know what? I sort of do understand.

So I'm going over there on Thursday anyway. I'll be nice. After our play on Sunday we sat around for a while talking and she said she was meeting a few friends later that afternoon at a bar and would I like to come along, which I was very agreeably surprised at (I said no, I had other things on). When we first met she said she wanted someone just to have adventurous sex with, not to pal around with, and she specifically said that what this didn't include would be meeting each others' friends. So I was very chuffed to be invited.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Mango...

Bizarrely enough, I got a text message today from Joan. She's in Singapore on business and remembered that I like 7D dried mango (which means, I can only assume, that I must be in the habit of sharing my views on dried mango with all my sexual partners). She's going to bring some back. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had sourced some domestically. Besides, it'll come in handy around xmas, my kids love it.

On other matters. Harriet. Phwoaarrr! I have a plan for Thursday that involves Harriet, me and a friendly policeman. She loves the idea.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I got a delightful text yesterday from Sarah. She was in a shop in one of the far-flung suburbs of the city we live in and she'd spotted a giant pile of packets of 7D Dried Mango.

Huh? Well, with me and Sarah, when we're not having sex we're talking about food, and one day we got on to the topic of dried mango and I was whingeing about how the 7-11 at Changi airport - which used to sell 7D - has now switched to another, lesser brand, and about how Philippine dried mango is superior in every respect to Thai dried mango, and it's a miracle really that she doesn't sometimes just tell me to shut the fuck up.

So she bought me 6 packets for $20 ($3.30 each, plus an extra 20c for warehousing, funding, cost of credit, admin etc.). I have to fuck her to get the mangoes.


I'm seeing Harriet at lunchtime today. We had arranged to play again on Thursday but she can't wait, so I explained to her that I really couldn't do anything earlier as I had some minor surgery last week (all going fine, thanks for asking) but I don't have my bandages off or my stitches out til Thursday. But then I had an idea...

So I'm going over at lunchtime. I'll remain clothed. I'll get her to do things to herself while I watch. I'm so lazy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm "thoughtful AND nasty"!

In all these posts about Cathy, David, Miss X (even I get confused) I left a little teaser: "In the meantime, I got an extraordinary email from Harriet. I called her, we're meeting on Tuesday." Harriet?

I met her for a drink last week. She's mid30s, very attractive. Dark hair , olive skin, great body. I'd messaged her on some BDSM site she was on, and within a couple of days we were there in a bar, chatting. She drank beer, which I always really like in a woman.

She's in the fashion industry. She was married for a year, but now divorced. Her friends are all gay men. She hadn't had sex for a year, she said. Lately, she'd been watching lots of porn (she owns her own business and can do what she likes at work), especially porn where a woman's being ordered around by a man, or men.

She'd always known she liked this sort of thing, but it'd never really worked within the context of any of her relationships. One of her gay friends told her she needed to find someone just for that, so she went online, found the BDSM site I'm on.. and she says that mine was the first profile she saw and that she really liked it and was glad that I messaged her. Might be true... As I put her into a cab to go home she said "let's just be sex friends". Yes, let's!

Then she emailed me some descriptions of what she liked, and what she wanted to try. And also, what she didn't want to try. I love people who know what they want, and I even more love people who know what they don't want. (As an aside, instead of asking people what sort of music they like, try asking them what they don't like. Much more interesting answers, and more heartfelt.)

I went over to her place tonight. I had given her instructions. She had left her door unlocked, and was standing in the living-room with her back to the door. Fully-dressed, no shoes. Her toys and various other bits and pieces were laid out on the coffee table. I came in, closed the door, came up behind her and put on the blindfold. For the first little while I didn't say anything much, just the occasional intruction.

After a while we stopped, by then I'd taken off the blindfold. I told her there was a paper bag on the floor with two bottles of beer in it. She knew what to do.. she got the beers out (same brand she'd ordered when we met, an unusual choice) and handed one to me, and said it was very thoughtful of me. I agreed, and pointed out to her that being handed a beer by a kneeling woman who's naked except for a dog collar is right on so many levels. (It was her dog collar - she has a thing for it, as it turns out.)

We fucked some more, then we lay there for a bit, then I went home. Very pleased with myself. She sent me a text:

You fucking me was delightful, thoughtful and nasty. You're sexy. Finally a real man fucked me. I will be wanting more.

You know this sort of praise makes me even more insufferable.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sarah and Dick

I got a message from Sarah the other day asking if we could catch up this week one lunchtime. I worked out that today, Monday, was the best day.

(A quick digression: Sarah's a writer, and in her new book there's a fictionalised version of me, he's called Richard. You know all this already, of course, and that Sarah's happily married. I discovered today that the fictionalised version of her is 'Sarah', which is, of course, not her real name. How about that....we picked the same name.)

Back to our story... I left work just before lunch, came home and had a lovely 20-minute lie-down before Sarah arrived. I hadn't come since Thursday (it's unusual for me to go this long, and it wasn't really deliberate) and while I was having my lie-down it occurred to me that I was just about the horniest I'd been since I was about 20. I really miss that; maybe I've stumbled onto something....?

When Sarah arrived I decided to let my cock do the thinking, so within about a minute of her walking in the door I had her panties off, her skirt up around her waist, she was bent over holding onto the back of a chair and I was grabbing her by the hips and fucking her as though my life depended on it. She was, she said later, very agreeably surprised by my determination. As was I.

What happened with Cathy and Miss X and David?

I'm sure you've been having trouble sleeping, you've been up wondering how it all went. I'll tell you!

Thursday morning I chatted briefly with David, who I still hadn't met but I'd seen a photo of him and I thought he looked a little bit like the psychotic murderer in Wolf Creek, but slightly more avuncular and a little less, er, murderous. He said he'd left a message with Miss X and would call me as soon as he knew anything.

Lunchtime.. still no call. Then I got a message from Cathy - she was coming back earlier than expected. So I rang David, who told me that Miss X wasn't able to make it (which he should have called me to tell me - I do hate having to chase people up). I then proposed we go back to the original plan with Cathy. He agreed.

Cathy picked me up at my place about 7. She was nervous. We chatted as she drove into town. We get on very well; we make each other laugh. We arrived at David's hotel, parked, then went up to the bar on the executive floor. David arrived. He seemed ok. 50ish, grey hair, solidly built, very confident, easy to talk to. We sat in the bar for a while chatting, and we got chatting to a young American honeymoon couple at the table next to us. Then David and Cathy whispered to each other and David surreptitiously handed me a drink coaster and a hotel room key. On the drink coaster was written "2314.. Come up in 10 mins" . I chatted a bit more with the American couple (and discovered that he and I had briefly worked for the same company in New York in the late 90s.. small world) then made my way down to 2314.

When I walked in, David was sitting on the edge of the bed, still with his shirt on and Cathy was naked, sucking his cock. So that's quite a nice little ice-breaker. As usual, I won't give you the blow-by-blow, just the highlights:
  • he really liked watching me fuck her. You may remember from a previous post that Cathy and I have some strange chemistry, so when I fuck her she comes a lot. I, in turn, get inspired. So as a performance it's probably pretty good.
  • he's very verbal, and liked calling her a slut and a cunt and whatnot. She appeared to like it. I can't call her names like that; I like her too much.
  • She likes being spanked. Who knew?
  • he told her at one point that she was going to have to try anal sex (I of course put him up to this). So while he kept her busy with a cock in her mouth I spent quite a bit of time getting my cock in her ass. It took quite a bit of doing, and for a horrible moment I thought maybe it wasn't going to work at all, but finally we got it in. And I have to say, she did very well. I, of course, have been fucked quite a few times and while I love it, I usually can't take it for very long. My boredom threshold gave way before her comfort level, which is pretty good. Especially for a first-timer
  • he told her that at one point we'd take her to the bathroom and pee on her, which she seemed keen on. I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable with this. Don't get me wrong, I love watersports (probably my favorite perversion!) but I could tell I felt a little strange about doing it with Cathy, and in that way. We didn't do it.
I came eventually, and then left. They apparently kept fucking for a while, and then she stayed overnight. She called me the next morning (by which time I was in a different city, of course) and told me that she'd loved it and wanted to do it again. She also said that while she really enjoyed David's sheer bossiness, I was better at fucking. You know I love hearing this.

She said that after I'd gone David had said to her that he could tell that while she and I were good friends, she was much more sexually attracted to him. He needs to think this, I'm not sure why.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cathy and David and Miss X and Me.

It's never easy, is it? Trying to coordinate 3 busy people. Cathy's almost certainly going to be out of town so yesterday I called David (who I still haven't met, by the way) and suggested that he try to get Miss X to entertain us tomorrow night. She's keen on the idea, but won't know for sure til tomorrow.

Cathy told me that David had asked her quite a lot about me - he'd asked, among other things, how tall I was and what my body was like. She said I was almost 6 feet tall and had a hot body. You can guess how much I liked hearing this.

In some ways I'll be more comfortable with Miss X than with Cathy. Cathy's a good friend now, and if we do do this thing where she's bossed around by two men (me being one of them) I might find it hard to, er, objectify her. Whereas Miss X is someone I've never met, there's much less risk of my inner niceness ruining the mood.

In the meantime, I got an extraordinary email from Harriet. I called her, we're meeting on Tuesday.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I got a text today which said, in part:
I'll fill you in on what I like and give you a bit of an outline as to how very dirty i am. I was wanting to be fucked some time over the weekend but i understand if thats not possible
The writer - let's call her Harriet - is an extremely attractive woman in her mid30s who I had a drink with last night.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cathy. Update.

Let's call him David, the guy that Cathy found. To refresh your memory, Cathy and I had had quite a bit of very agreeable very vanilla sex earlier this year. Then - after I stopped - she decided she wanted to try some sub/dom stuff. After a couple of false starts and the usual blind alleys she's met this guy David. He's about 50, sensible and bossy.

He told her that he wants to see her being fucked by another guy. Which is where I come in, of course. This is scheduled for Thursday. I feel I owe you a progress report.

I spoke to David on the phone again a couple of days ago. His idea was that we get another woman involved as well. He described her to me and she does, indeed, sound fun. I said he should talk to Cathy to see whether she was up for it. And that I was happy either way: Me, David and Cathy, or me, David, Cathy and Miss X.

Then I immediately called Cathy, I wanted to speak to her before David put her on the spot. From my perspective, I'd much rather just the three of us. Why? Well, I really do love that two-men-one-woman dynamic, especially with this added twist that David's just going to be directing traffic. I like that whole idea of the woman being the center of attention, and there's something else too. It's something to do with the way that men are cruder than women, so that in MMF situation because of the 2-vs-1 outnumbering it's like the woman's somehow found herself in a male-themed space. There's not going to be scented candles or soft music. She's unmistakeably there to be fucked, you can feel it in the air.

And if we had this Miss X along I think it stops that from happening. Also, as I said to Cathy, if I were her I'd want to be the center of attention, being simultaneously put on a pedestal and objectified. If Miss X is there she'd miss that. It would all become a bit more genteel.

So what I said to Cathy was that while I was happy to do either, my preference was the 2-on-1. She agreed (and I have to point out that she's a very tough cookie and it's not like I was trying to convince her, I just wanted to let her know where I stood. David, of course, told her that I was very keen on having Miss X along. Which I thought he would do.) She told this to David.

I've spoken to Cathy a couple of times since then. She's very excited. She did tell me that one of the things that got her interesting in dom/sub stuff was her experience with me. How's that? It was extremely vanilla, wasn't it? Not quite. She said that from her perspective it seemed like I was firmly in charge and she found she loved it. So there.. I can add her to my list of nice women whom I've corrupted.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr Love.

For reasons I can't fathom at all, women often ask me for dating and relationship advice. Me, of all people! It beggars belief.

One woman I've known for about 6 months, and as long as I've known her she's had a crush on a guy she met in an 'adult' chatroom. They talk sometimes on the phone, but mostly they're in this chatroom. He flirts with her a little, he flirts with some of the other women. She thinks they have a special bond, they're soulmates. He's a very handsome man in his mid-30s, she's early 40s and not exactly an oil painting (as we say here).

They've never met, even though he lives maybe 5 miles from her. They've arranged to meet a couple of times but he backs out just at the last minute. He tells her about the women from the site that he fucks. She still thinks they're soulmates.

I've been listening to this for six months. He says this, he says that. They have a special bond.... I point out to her that it's not much of a special bond if he's never taken the trouble to meet her for at least a drink. I could understand if he took advantage of her incredible naivite and fucked her senseless then avoided her, but he hasn't even bothered doing that.

I try to tell her that while this thing means a lot to her it clearly means nothing to him but she won't hear of it. In the meantime she hasn't had sex in about three years. I'm not going to fuck her but I'm sure she could find someone decent who would.