Monday, October 27, 2008


I'll write about Oona properly when I have the time, but she and I had a nice sexual thing going about a year ago, for 6 months or so. I found her quite annoying though, so I stopped it. We still chat once in a while, and I took her out for dinner a couple of weeks ago just to show what a decent guy I am (as hard as that is to imagine). We exchange emails occasionally, usually about the appalling standards of spelling and grammar in the messages we each get on various sites - she recently took me to task, asking me 'How can you consider fucking someone who writes "would not of"?', which is a pretty reasonable question.


Anonymous said...

I would not of ever considered that.

Bad spelling and grammer usually means big cock and/(or?) boobies.

Anonymous said...

Super hot blog. Glad to have found you, via sexoteric blog. Thanks.