Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm seeing Harriet at lunchtime today. We had arranged to play again on Thursday but she can't wait, so I explained to her that I really couldn't do anything earlier as I had some minor surgery last week (all going fine, thanks for asking) but I don't have my bandages off or my stitches out til Thursday. But then I had an idea...

So I'm going over at lunchtime. I'll remain clothed. I'll get her to do things to herself while I watch. I'm so lazy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny, I was just drafting a paragraph on how I get self-conscious masturbating in front of others.

I hope you recover quickly.

PS: you could piss on her???

J said...

It's more fun if the person's self-conscious! My friend Oona would have to cover her eyes if I insisted on watching her. I loved that. I'd move her hand away from her eyes, she'd bring it back, I'd move it away.. and all the while she'd be masturbating furiously with the other hand. Hilarious really.

PS Yes, I could indeed. But I'd be more likely to get her to do it. I'm like that.