Monday, October 13, 2008

Sarah and Dick

I got a message from Sarah the other day asking if we could catch up this week one lunchtime. I worked out that today, Monday, was the best day.

(A quick digression: Sarah's a writer, and in her new book there's a fictionalised version of me, he's called Richard. You know all this already, of course, and that Sarah's happily married. I discovered today that the fictionalised version of her is 'Sarah', which is, of course, not her real name. How about that....we picked the same name.)

Back to our story... I left work just before lunch, came home and had a lovely 20-minute lie-down before Sarah arrived. I hadn't come since Thursday (it's unusual for me to go this long, and it wasn't really deliberate) and while I was having my lie-down it occurred to me that I was just about the horniest I'd been since I was about 20. I really miss that; maybe I've stumbled onto something....?

When Sarah arrived I decided to let my cock do the thinking, so within about a minute of her walking in the door I had her panties off, her skirt up around her waist, she was bent over holding onto the back of a chair and I was grabbing her by the hips and fucking her as though my life depended on it. She was, she said later, very agreeably surprised by my determination. As was I.

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