Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah seeks advice. And gets it.

Monday night I caught up with Sarah again, my lovely married friend. When we first started playing there was a strong BDSM element to it, I'd tie her up, or we'd do some sort of blackmail roleplay-type thing, but now we just fuck and talk. Then fuck and talk. Then fuck and talk. Then she goes back to her husband. It's very agreeable.

I asked her whether she'd ever been fisted, and whether she wanted to try. Based on my (admittedly limited) experience in this I think it'd be quite doable, and I suspect that if we did manage it she'd really get off on it. Also, I guess, at the back of my mind is that idea that I'd be fisting a married woman, which you do have to admit sounds pretty hot. She wasn't sure she'd be up for it.. but there's never any harm in putting it out there.

We're seeing each other on the weekend again, and she send me an email today which sent me into gales of laughter so I'm just going to have to share it with you. She'd been to the doctor (a real one, not like the roleplay doctor I was to her once) about something, and she wrote
"...and then just as I was leaving I casually asked whether there were any risks associated with vaginal fisting. He managed to keep a straight face - as did I - and he said none whatsoever, go for your life! So I'm happy to give it a go."
Brilliant! I must ask her on the weekend exactly how she managed to casually bring it up.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't imagine ever being that straight-forward with my doctor! I give her much credit for having that kind of nerve!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... nice to have the doctor's approval.

One of my lovers was a gynecologist (not mine)... it was kind of hot knowing that he knew the territory so well.

Anonymous said...

Lucky guy. I've been curious about fisting, but I can't help but think that it permanently loosens the fistee out.

Give me details when it happens...

J said...

I've done it quite a few times, all fairly recently. And I love it, which surprised me a bit. I'd never liked it in porn. But doing it is quite intense and very fun. I think I like it because it's something you have to do slowly and carefully. And it's extremely intimate - when you're fisting someone you can't pretend that it's all a bit of a laugh. I think I like that it's confronting.

If you email me, I'll send you a link to the video of me fisting my lovely friend Joan on xtube :)

Anonymous said...

Collegehookerboy -- Nope... no permanent loosening if she does her kegels. I mean, there's less stretching than there is with childbirth.