Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just got a text from Rhonda (not her real name, of course). "Looking forward to seeing you and dirty fun. FINALLY we get to play."

Let me explain. I met her a few months ago, she was part of a couple. They had sent me a message on a site I'm on (same as Runaround girl) saying that they were looking for a bi guy for a threesome, and when we chatted it turned out that they were only about a mile from where I live. He sounded like a bit of a dick but she sounded nice. So I went over.

He showed me around their house, pointing things out and telling me how much everything had cost. At one point he said to me "What's the most expensive domestic sound system in the world?" and I just shrugged. He told me, and showed me. He was, of course, not a tall man.

They were in a dom/sub relationship, which I was kind of curious about. I quite like dom/sub stuff but just as a bit of fun (and even then, I don't like all the bullshit around it, people being called 'Sir', or that horrible convention with capitalising pronouns).

He got her to suck my cock for a while and got all very dramatic about how I wasn't allowed to come, and that if i did come I'd never be coming back and whatnot. I wasn't at all stressed, I very rarely come from that. Predictably he got bored after a while and switched us around.

After a little while I got a bit sick of him and figured I'd seen enough so I said I was going. That was it. I do remember quite liking her - I'm not sure why, we just seemed to click. He was a dick.

Anyway, a month or so later I got a text from her. She'd left him and was living a couple of hours north of the City and wanted to know if I was keen to catch up. She came to the city once in a while. We had lunch a couple of times, and it was fun. It was kind of like a date (we hardly knew each other) except that we'd seen each other naked and had gone down on each other.... I was recovering from surgery so there was nothing other than lunch.

She's coming over tonight. Should be interesting...

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Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly hope that things go MUCH better this time. I'm sure they will considering the little asshole that she was with the last time you saw her is out of the picture! Have fun and do come back and tell us all about it!