Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I bet you're wondering what happened to Dee. You may recall she was the charming young woman who liked to be spanked, and who is a fellow language pedant (two big plusses, for me anyway).

I had suggested to her after our first meeting that it'd be fun to have another guy along - she'd be the center of attention, that sort of thing. And she remembered that she had a once-in-a-while fuckbuddy who had mentioned to her that he was interested in that as well, so we hatched a plan...

After a couple of false starts we finally managed to get together last night, at my place. She brought him along, he seemed like a nice guy. English, early 30s. I showed them in, we were all a bit nervous. She asked if I had any alcohol. I did, funnily enough. I rarely drink, but I had a bottle of champagne in the fridge, which one of my clients had given me for christmas last year. I didn't have any glasses (someone gave me some champagne flutes.. but I put them somewhere).

We sat on the couch. Pete (that's what I'll him) and I started kissing her and touching her breasts. We played around, got her mostly naked - skirt hiked up, crotch of her panties moved aside, fingers and tongues - and then she broke a tooth.

What? How...? Well, she was pretty worked up and was thrashing about a bit, and as I leaned in to kiss her she suddenly leaned forward. Our teeth collided and I felt something hard in my mouth. My first thought was that I'd lost something - I have a crown on one of my front teeth, the result of a drunken accident when I was 20 - but as I did a quick inventory I realised that everything was all still there. She was apologising profusely. I asked her to open her mouth, and there it was.. one of her front teeth was jagged at the top, she'd lost her crown.

We stopped for a moment, took stock of the damage and decided to keep going. Pete and I made a mental note that she now had a very sharp and pointy front tooth, but everything else seemed to be ok.

I'm going to leave out most of the details of what we did from then on in (you can see it in about a million pornos) except for these two and a half things:
1) Pete had no idea that she liked being spanked. They'd played together a few times but she hadn't shared that with him. He was agreeably surprised by how enthusiastic she got when I spanked her. He reaped some of the benefits of this enthusiasm.
2) When she came she made more noise than I've ever heard anyone make, I was terrified the neighbors were going to call the cops. (But then again, they must have had some idea what was going on.. it's the only time I ever have music on in my place).
2a) While she was coming, I looked at Pete. (We were face to face pretty much, between her legs). We exchanged a job-well-done look and gave each other a solemn handshake. I told her this later and she thought it was hot.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Makes me wonder how difficult it would be to find myself two male playmates at once...