Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've not been completely idle while I've been on holidays. For the last few days I've been in another city, living in my ex-wife's house while she has the kids at the beach. I'm under strict orders not to have anyone over but the first night I was here I just couldn't resist.

Judith's in town as well, staying with her brother and doing family stuff. She sent me a message saying she was 'climbing the walls' and wondering if we could catch up. She doesn't have a place here, and either do I. But it occurred to me that it might be fun to break my ex-wife's rule. You know I like anything vaguely naughty. So Judith and I went out for a drink and dinner and then back here. We made out on the couch (teenager-style) at the end of which I was completely naked and she just had her panties on.

I pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and got my cock in her and started fucking her. But after a few strokes I realised I was about to come. This is very unusual for me but I hadn't come in a few days and I knew all day that I was superbly horny. I'd been tempted to warn her at dinner not to touch me anywhere below the neck just in case.

Luckily I had the presence of mind to pull out and I gave her cunt a pretty vigorous workout with my mouth and fingers and she came. I stuck my cock back in her again and she said "I want you to be rough with me, real rough" and I realised I had absolutely no idea how to be rough with her. But by then I'd come anyway so the show was over.

Lovely message.

I woke this morning to find a text message from Joan on my phone:
My what I wouldn't do right now to feel your fingers slide inside until your hand is twisting and fully inside me making your cock harder and harder. God I need a fuck xx
This is without a doubt the best message I've received this year (so far!). A couple of things to note 1) perfect spelling and grammar 2) she's remembered that when I fist her I get completely engrossed in what I'm doing and extremely aroused.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've not been ignoring you. I've been away and busy and haven't had internet access, and you haven't missed much. What have I been up to? Well, I took two of my kids and we went and stayed with Claire and her kids in a beachhouse she rents every year. It was fabulous. The kids all played together beautifully, Claire and I functioned extremely well as a domestic unit. In some ways having had this domestic familiarity it makes it easier to get to grips with the idea that Claire and I are never going to have a 'relationship'. We've now washed up dishes together, we've made beds together, we've gone shopping together for bread and milk.

One night about midnight my phone rang. I didn't pick it up, I just let it go to voicemail. It was my neighbor, Mary. When I say neighbor, she lives in the next street from me. She's in her mid20s, a tall dutch girl. We got chatting one day in the supermarket and we've become very friendly. I think I puzzle her; I'm the only man she's ever met who's not tried to fuck her and it seems to encourage her. Why don't I try to fuck her? I have a lot on my plate anyway, she's a friend and I think she's a bit young for me. I also like women a bit older and more depraved.

Anyway, she left me a voicemail. She said she needed an 'emergency fuck'. She'd been on a date and had really liked the guy, and following my advice hadn't slept with him (first date). So she'd come home drunk and horny and was hoping I was home. I love that.

When I listened to the message the next morning I heard all this. I liked it so much I let Claire hear it too.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dinner and a movie with Claire on Friday night. We reminisced about how we'd both experimented (don't you love that word?) with heroin in the early 80s and we talked a lot about our kids. We have 7 between us. Part of why I like being with Claire is that I like the ego boost I get from being with such a gorgeous woman, and especially now that we've had sex (just the once) I feel like I have permission to be more tactile with her. I'm quite reserved physically with people until I feel like I have that permission, and there's nothing like having had sex to break that ice.

Then theater with Iris last night, speaking of tactile people. She's told me on many occassions that she's very touchy-feely and it's emboldened me; I have my arm around her when we walk down the street, we hold hands in the theater and so forth. I'm still not entirely comfortable about it with her - part of me thinks it's just plain wrong, that's it's sending a wrong message. She has hinted fairly strongly a few times that she'd be rather keen on a meat injection so I'm slightly cautious around her.

She's met Claire. One evening I was out for dinner with Iris and as I was walking her to her house it started bucketed down raining. I remembered that Claire was nearby at a function (to which I'd been invited) so Iris and I took shelter. This, readers, was before Claire and I had had our fateful sleepover, and we were actually just friends. Which - technically - is all we are now.

As I walked into the gallery with Iris I ran into Claire and I introduced them to each other. Claire was a little uncomfortable with the fact that I was there with Iris, which pleased me no end. We chatted a bit.

After a couple of minutes the rain cleared (it's subtropical here) and Iris and I left and as we went around the corner she quizzed me very intently about Claire. She'd noticed immediately that there was something going between me and Claire and I was thrilled. Maybe, I thought, she does like me after all!

Busy Day.

Early on New Year's Day I flew back to my home city for a well-earned rest and, as it turned out, a bit of well-earned fun as well.

A week or so earlier I'd been winked at on a vanilla adult site I'm on by a woman who sounded great. Early 40s, just looking for a bit of fun, she could even write coherent English sentences. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up for a drink late afternoon.

After an early-afternoon interlude, where a gay mate of mine asked me over to his place to watch some straight porn with him (I think he wanted me to provide commentary - it was quite fun) I met her at a cafe. We got on fine - she was attractive, in good shape and quite fun to talk to. We each had a drink (coffee for her, diet soda for me) then there was an awkward silence. It was clear that we were going to have some sort of sexual adventure at some point, but the question was when and where?

We decided to just to go my place and see what happened. I tried desperately to remember what sort of state my apartment was in and couldn't recall it being too bad (I'd tidied up quite a bit before I'd left, two weeks earlier) so I agreed.

Details? Well, there was nothing terribly out-of-the-ordinary. But she was very responsive and enthusiastic and loud. We fucked on the couch, which I quite liked because I'm slightly anxious about by bed after Oona broke it (and not in a fun way) and I find that now when I'm fucking on my bed I'm always a bit tentative, listening to the squeaks (bed, not bed-mate) in case the thing falls apart again.

After we finished we lay on the couch together, all sweaty and we chatted for quite a while. We'll do it again.