Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's go commercial.

Of course sometimes it actually works. A few months ago there was a young woman on the same site (same as Miss Runaround, as below). She said she was interested in roleplay, being dominated and in hotel rooms. I can well understand this last one, I love hotel room sex.

I lived in Singapore for a while when I was married and one day I accidentally let slip something about how the rooms in the Four Seasons were very cold, and it was hard to adjust the air-con. My wife gave me a very strange look. But I digress.... Where were we? Oh yes. I sent her a message:
Nice hotel room, as you suggest. But we play it like this: I'm a hotel guest, I come back to my room and find you (stranger? hotel worker? doesn't matter) rifling through my papers. I'm furious, my first thought is to call the cops but then I decide that what you really need is to be taught a lesson. You resist; I keep going.

At first I have to tie you and spank you (hands, belt, anything else i can find), maybe also clamps and pegs, to see if a little pain makes you smarter, then when I've calmed you down a bit I start to explore your body. You say you'll do anything ... "anything?", I ask?

On it goes. You're mistreated, and ideally at one point I have you in the bathroom for some watersports fun (fun for me, that is). You can also look forward to a great deal of anal attention.
Just an idea. And despite all this I'm actually pretty normal. This would be fun as a one-off or - better yet - whenever we felt like it. I have other ideas too...

Let me know. I expect you get hundreds of messages.
Now, just to set the record straight, I'm not quite as into rough sex as this message makes out. But in her profile she'd seemed very keen on it, so I figured I'd skew the message a bit. She liked it. And she did, in fact, get hundreds of messages. We chatted back and forth a bit on msn over the intervening four months, she had a few adventures, some satisfactory, most not. We spoke on the phone a couple of times - she seemed refreshingly normal. I figured there was a decent chance we'd meet up sometime.

Last week we got chatting again on msn, and she said she had an idea and wanted to meet me for a drink to discuss it. We couldn't meet for a drink that week (my schedule - you'll be surprised to hear that I have a busy professional life), but she told me her idea anyway on the phone. She's a graduate student. No money. She likes roleplay. She wanted to know whether I thought it would a good idea for her to charge for sex.

For a start, I don't have any moral or political qualms about this. I did point out to her, though, that if she were proposing this as a business plan then it sounded a bit foolish. However, if she were just figuring on a way to monetize her hobby, it might work.

I guess that like most guys I've paid for sex a couple of times (not including getting married, that's the most expensive sex I ever had and it wasn't that great). I didn't like it. Once was in Germany, once in Taiwan. Both times it was with women who looked bored and a little ashamed (or was that me?). I know some guys get off on the idea of having sex with someone who'd really rather be doing something else, but for me it was a turn-off. It didn't surprise me. But I felt I should try.

But would it be different with someone who you knew was really up for it? If there was ever a situation where paying for it wouldn't be an issue for me, this would be exactly it. I told her all this as I was thinking out loud. Then I realised that having a commercial transaction would also give it a nice and nasty roleplay element. I'd be the customer, and I reminded her that the customer's always right.

So we met for lunch. She seemed very nervous, and she confessed later that she very nearly chickened out at the last minute. But she didn't. She was lovely. Articulate, nervous, attractive. We discussed the commercial terms over a light lunch, and I was very business-like about it. I could tell she liked that, being a commodity.

Then back to my place. As we walked in the door of my apartment I handed her some cash, and to her credit, she blushed. I didn't tie her up but I did play with her a lot, and I did something to her she'd never had done before and which she really liked. It was extremely good fun, but I still feel a little uneasy about the whole thing. Had this been her agenda all along? I suspect not. But if it was, she went to a lot of trouble to set it up. No, I think it was all exactly as it seemed.

Afterwards we had dinner. She offered to pay, which was nice. She did, after all, have money.

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