Friday, August 15, 2008

Cylindric Pleasure

My friend Becky (not her real name) sends me from time to time the highlights of the messages she gets sent on an adult personals site. She knows that I'm exquisitely sensitive to language, and that I love prurient detail. She got this one recently, it's a classic of the genre.

hello precious
When I dreamt of you, I lay down on the bed and you crawled over me on your hands and knees...I was below you and your tits bounced over my face as you took your position...your chichi just dripping on my face...the lips slightly parted and you lowered it a little so i could begin licking and softly slurping the tender pink meat..It wet my cheeks and my toungue gently paintbrushed your insides...I parted your lips with my hands and used chin, nose and tongue to plasure you, while slowly but surely taking in your flavour and my lips went in your chichi like a painter soaking his brush on his pallette...over and over again, I softly bit your pussy inside with my lips and gently brushing my teeth onto it to stimulate you, which you seem to immensely cock was fully aroused, its head taking the full tension and red crimson in colour.

Then you shifted and took your position in the driving seat and I felt sliding into your sanctuary, the cylindric pleasure almost unbearable and you rode me and shook me and we both wriggled in joy and my tongue kissed yours while you rotated and jumped on me as I thrusted and felt like almost touching your ovaries...

a sweet kiss from me and I look forward to your comunication, my precious lady

There are so many things about this I love. Which things, I can hear you cry. How about " toungue gently paintbrushed your insides", or "like a painter soaking his brush on his pallette".

Then, in the next paragraph there's a passage that has "sliding into your sanctuary" and "cylindric pleasure". It's probably mean of me to quote it all here but I couldn't resist sharing. I do like that he's gone to such a lot of trouble and I wish him well.

Does anyone else have any they can share?


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Although the word "chichi" doesn't seem to match.

Anonymous said...

'ovaries' made me laugh, but not as much as 'chichi.'