Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The doctor is IN.. again.

'Sarah' came over last night. We'd played once before, a couple of months ago, a bit of light bondage and me bossing her around. She's early 40s, married and lives in another city but travels here on business once in a while. When we first chatted she told me that she was happily married but had an urge to try things that somehow wouldn't be appropriate to try with her husband - this made perfect sense to me. And I find this setup very appealing; it's neatly compartmentalised, no real risk of boundary issues, she's a sensible grownup in charge of her own desires and so forth. I also really like it when women can articulate what they want and why. (I had one regular playmate last year - who I'm sure I'll write about soon - whose fantasies were eerily similar to mine; I often knew as I was suggesting something that it was going to be a bullseye. I had the key to her lock.)

Sarah...we hadn't been able to catch up since that first play (schedules, surgery.. long story) but she emailed me a week or so ago to say she was going to be in town this week and wanted to catch up, and what she had in mind was something based around a doctor/patient roleplay. Well, of course roleplay in general is a favorite of mine, and I always like doctor/patient. The twist we decided on was that the nasty doctor would blackmail her. I especially like this, because inevitably there's a point where the patient/job applicant/shoplifter gets to say the magic words: "I'd do anything...". In this case, she'd do anything to stop me from telling her make-believe husband what she'd some to see me about. And then, of course, I raise my eyebrow and ask "anything?".

After I'd finished with her, we ended up snuggled together in bed and lay there talking for a couple of hours, talking mostly about sex and food. She told me that she had written a book about fetishes, and that a fictionalised version of our first encounter was going to be in it. As she said this she was watching my face closely, to see if I was angry or upset. I wasn't.

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