Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last night, after a very nice dinner with the-friend-I-think-I'm-falling-in-love-with, I jumped in a cab and went to a lovely beachside suburb for some fun with Judith. I see her quite often on Sunday evenings if neither of us has family responsibilities (we're both divorced parents.. and yes, we do talk about our kids a lot, and our exes).

She's mid40s and, I think, extremely sexy. She's got a sultry voice and olive skin, and while I'm sure she thinks she's overweight (as most women seem to do) she's not really. Or if she is, she's lucky. She must have fluked into some gene that means that when she puts on weight it goes on her very evenly, so that when she's naked she looks quite sleek; it's almost as though she's wearing a thin all-covering wetsuit. Her hips and her ass are perfect. I keep telling her she's hot; I think it's important that she knows. (Now I think about it, I'll suggest to her that I take a picture of her - no face - and tell her what it's for. That way you can see for yourselves.)

What's even better is that she's a bit of an exhibitionist; she knows I love seeing her, and she likes being looked at. I sit between her legs and watch her lovely olive-y body, nicely contrasting with the stark-white of her bedding. I usually ask her to play with herself as I watch and she likes to me to tell her how much I like watching her. "Show me how you play with yourself, I want to see you come.." and so on, as I lean down closer, then as she's nearly there I start licking her as well. By the time I get to touch her I'm about as horny as I ever get.

She likes having her ass played with, and I'm very happy to oblige. She's never had anal sex, and I told her when I first met her that I'd love to fuck her there. I gave the usual sell-job I give to women who are curious but cautious: I've been fucked many times myself and so I do know what I'm doing. It seems to work...

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