Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secret Life

Ive had a blog on here for a while where I talk about food, language, various whinges, signs and whatnot, and while it doesn't have my name on it, it has pictures of me and it just wouldn't take long for an interested reader (as if you could imagine such a thing!) to figure out who I am. And accordingly, I'm a little circumspect about my private life.

Or perhaps 'private life' isn't what really I mean. Churchill is supposed to have said that we each have a public life, a private life and a secret life, and so I guess what this blog is about is my secret life. So there's no pictures of my face. And I'll muddy some of the detail a bit.

I'm going to post this bit here, and then look at it about ten different ways to see if there's anything I've forgotten - an obvious google sign-in name, some inadvertent link on a profile page or something. Then I'll start in earnest. I think about sex a lot. And I do it a lot. And in some surprising ways, and I've met some very interesting people along the way.

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