Thursday, June 26, 2008

More bloody married people and doctor/patient roleplay.....

I had yet another doctor/patient roleplay yesterday with a married person (that's 3 in 8 days - is this some kind of record?) but this one was little different.

It was a man, and I was the patient this time. (Pic isn't me, by the way. But it's one of my all-time favorite pictures.) He was in his late30s, quite handsome and had clearly done it a number of times before. I quite admired the very matter-of-fact way that he went about it - there was a good amount of non-sexual stuff at the start, which I always like because it makes the encounter more like an 80s porn movie, where there's at least a pretense of a plot and a setup.

Once we'd finished though he didn't break character, which I found a little unsettling. So we spent an uneasy couple of minutes cleaning up and getting dressed (me, that is.. he stayed fully-clothed! I so love that) and then both went back to our respective jobs.

I sent him a nice thank-you note, partly because I'm just such a fucking well-mannered person, but also to check that he'd had as a good a time as I did (unlikely: I came; he didn't). But also to run by him the idea of him and me teaming up to give the married woman from last week a real going-over. She loves the idea of having two pervy doctors work her over.

And speaking of married people who like doctor/patient roleplay, I got a message in the morning from 'Sarah', who I'd played with on Tuesday night. She had had to stay an extra day and wanted to know if I was free lunchtime or evening. I was, of course, chuffed that she wanted to see me again, and so soon (I must be doing something right!) but I had to tell her I was busy. Lunchtime I was seeing the married man/doctor, evening I was supposed to be going out with a woman friend who I'm slowly falling in love with. But as luck would have it, my friend cancelled, so I messaged Sarah and told her to come over. No roleplay, no bondage, no spanking... just very pleasant vanilla sex (although I do notice that I'm a bit bossier now - this seems to be a good thing) then a couple of hours of lying in bed together talking. She goes home today, back to her husband.

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