Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Doctor is IN

I scrub up quite well - the years have been kind to me - and it turns out that if you're a man in your mid40s and you're single and straight (much more about this later), and you seem reasonable, then a whole world of possibilities open up. I have a fairly wholesome look - I have been mistaken for a television sportscaster - and a sensible, professional demeanor and it works to my advantage sometimes. I make a fairly credible boss, policeman (not uniformed), or doctor.

I was contacted by a woman recently who I thought instantly was going to be perfect. She's married, around 40, she could write coherent sentences with good grammar and spelling and she was looking for an otherwise-normal man to help turn her into a nasty slut. We chatted back and forth a bit and settled on the idea of a doctor/patient roleplay. One of my favorites, as it happens, because it gives scope for a bit of everything and I've done it before (although more often as a patient, but that's another story).

She was agreeably cautious about meeting up - wanted to know who I was and whatnot. And because she sounded sensible and cautious I started getting excited. There are so many wild goose chases with this, people who are so completely (and sometimes inappropriately) gung-ho that you have to figure they're either barking mad or just fantasists. But within about a week of starting contact we'd worked out exactly when and where we were going to do this examination. She was quite practical about it too - she was very keen on a thorough anal examination and wanted to know whether she should clean out first, and whether she should bring amyl (as we call it here.. poppers everywhere else). I said yes, and yes. And also that she should arrive with a full bladder. I don't think I've ever found a woman before who'd enjoyed amyl.. maybe I just don't get out much.

She came to my flat on Wednesday lunchtime. I had snuck home from work early. She knocked, I let her in, staying in character. I sat her down, asked her a few questions. She seemed agreeably nervous. I asked her whether she'd done the things she was supposed to have done. She said yes.

I LOVE roleplay, and I especially like ones that are semi-realistic, where you stay in the role for an hour or more. But with N (I'll call her that for these purposes, she'll come back) for some reason we abandoned the overall doctor/patient thing fairly quickly, and ended up just being more-or-less ourselves, or, as I prefer to think about it, entered into a related and similar roleplay where I play a respectable middle-aged man with a strong perverted streak, and she plays a middle-aged married woman who wants to be made to get up on her hands and knees and be thoroughly explored while she talks dirty. It worked nicely.

At the end, we both showered an dressed and talked about what we'd done and had a bit of a laugh - I like that. I gave her one of my business cards - my legitimate ones - and we both went back to our respectable jobs. We will do this again soon.

And bizarely enough, I have another married woman who wants to do a doctor/patient roleplay with me early this week. She's nice. Not quite as dirty as N but I think more into the psyschological angle, which means I'll be doctor for the while thing. And the narrative drive to it, we've decided, will be provided by having a little blackmail angle overlaid on the usual doctor/patient thing. Should be fun... We've met, and played before.

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