Monday, June 23, 2008


Just carrying on from the thing I wrote about Joan, and how I'd had to reduce the niceness in our interaction before I could knuckle down to the sex...

At about the same time I started chatting with a woman in her mid30s who lived not far from me. Curious about some sub/dom stuff (which I like) and articulate (another big plus). We chatted on the phone and got on hugely, lots of laughs all around, she sounded great. But bearing in mind my experience with Joan, and knowing that if I were to meet this new one and just chat amiably for a while, I'd find it very difficult to then switch gears and take her home and boss her around, I suggested something different.

I explained to her my predicament, and she understood the importance of preserving the raunch factor. There's a bar across the street from my place, quite a nice wine-bar place. What I proposed to her was that I go in there the following evening (Tuesday, a quiet night) and sit by myself reading a book and drinking something. She would come in, have a look around and then sit down, also by herself (giving her, of course, an opportunity to run away instead in case I turned out to be fugly).

I got there, started reading my book.. surreptitiously checking everyone who came in. By about 15 minutes past the stated time I hadn't seen her and was hoping that she'd just been delayed, rather than had had a quick look in the bar and had done a runner on seeing me.

I closed my book, stood up... and then saw her. She must have slipped in without me seeing her. By this time there were a few people in the bar, including half a dozen guys in suits - some work function, maybe - who were near her. I walked over to her, touched her on the shoulder, then walked out. The deal we'd agreed was that we weren't going to say anything, and that if she fancied me, she'd follow me out.

She did, and we went back to my place and had some very agreeable fun. The guys in suits had, i think, been checking her out and I still wonder what they made of it.. she sits there alone, a man comes up, touches her on the shoulder and walks out... and she follows. I have a fantasy about being in a business meeting one day and running into one of the guys.

She had a sort of half-smile on her face the whole time, almost as though she was doing it just for a lark, or, maybe to give herself some sort of plausible deniability, and I knew about halfway through that we were never going to see each other again.

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