Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lingerie.. who knew?

When Sarah came over on Thursday night I was a little unsure what we'd do. I'd already come that day (married bloke, lunchtme, roleplay) and so I wasn't all that horny. And I'd had a fairly trying day at work and wasn't sure I had the energy to boss her around. One thing about being in charge is that it takes some energy and initiative, and I wasn't sure I had a lot of either. When I first started on dom/sub stuff I was usually a sub - partly out of sheer laziness, but also because if I'm in a situation where I'm a little unsure of myself I like to not take the initiative; I withdraw a bit. I got over that.

She came in; we embraced, kissed. It was 630pm. Normally in a situation like this I'd have an agenda (women, I've found, like a man with a plan) but in this case I wasn't sure what we were up to. Dinner? Chat? Sex? Sex? So I decided to throw caution to the wind, and asked her outright: dinner, sex, or dinner then sex? She started undoing my shirt, so I hustled her into the bedroom. It took her about 15 seconds to get me naked (I had on a shirt and jeans, nothing underneath) and to mask my lack of arousal I went back to the living-room to put some music on. Playing for time...

When I walked back into the bedroom she'd taken off her dresss and was standing there in the half-light wearing a plain black negligee. Normally I'm completely unmoved by lingerie - I do like women in underwear (it's that whole excitement of unwrapping a present, like a kid at christmas) but I like it to be normal stuff. Bra, panties. Nothing lacy, and especially nothing too self-consciously sexy.

Anyway, as I walked into the bedroom and saw her in this plain black negligee I was suddenly consumed by lust. Seeing her standing there I realised that I knew exactly what to do, and by the time I grabbed her and kissed her I knew that I was back in that familiar mode, the one where my cock was doing all the thinking. No bondage, spanking or roleplay this time. But I was agreeably forceful with her.


doll said...

Yes, I tend to think its easier to be a sub because at base I am lazy.

J said...

Whahey! This is the first even comment. I get 20 to 30 people a day on here, some stay for a while, read a few pages. But they all bugger off. It's so rude. Thanks, doll.