Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened with Cathy and Miss X and David?

I'm sure you've been having trouble sleeping, you've been up wondering how it all went. I'll tell you!

Thursday morning I chatted briefly with David, who I still hadn't met but I'd seen a photo of him and I thought he looked a little bit like the psychotic murderer in Wolf Creek, but slightly more avuncular and a little less, er, murderous. He said he'd left a message with Miss X and would call me as soon as he knew anything.

Lunchtime.. still no call. Then I got a message from Cathy - she was coming back earlier than expected. So I rang David, who told me that Miss X wasn't able to make it (which he should have called me to tell me - I do hate having to chase people up). I then proposed we go back to the original plan with Cathy. He agreed.

Cathy picked me up at my place about 7. She was nervous. We chatted as she drove into town. We get on very well; we make each other laugh. We arrived at David's hotel, parked, then went up to the bar on the executive floor. David arrived. He seemed ok. 50ish, grey hair, solidly built, very confident, easy to talk to. We sat in the bar for a while chatting, and we got chatting to a young American honeymoon couple at the table next to us. Then David and Cathy whispered to each other and David surreptitiously handed me a drink coaster and a hotel room key. On the drink coaster was written "2314.. Come up in 10 mins" . I chatted a bit more with the American couple (and discovered that he and I had briefly worked for the same company in New York in the late 90s.. small world) then made my way down to 2314.

When I walked in, David was sitting on the edge of the bed, still with his shirt on and Cathy was naked, sucking his cock. So that's quite a nice little ice-breaker. As usual, I won't give you the blow-by-blow, just the highlights:
  • he really liked watching me fuck her. You may remember from a previous post that Cathy and I have some strange chemistry, so when I fuck her she comes a lot. I, in turn, get inspired. So as a performance it's probably pretty good.
  • he's very verbal, and liked calling her a slut and a cunt and whatnot. She appeared to like it. I can't call her names like that; I like her too much.
  • She likes being spanked. Who knew?
  • he told her at one point that she was going to have to try anal sex (I of course put him up to this). So while he kept her busy with a cock in her mouth I spent quite a bit of time getting my cock in her ass. It took quite a bit of doing, and for a horrible moment I thought maybe it wasn't going to work at all, but finally we got it in. And I have to say, she did very well. I, of course, have been fucked quite a few times and while I love it, I usually can't take it for very long. My boredom threshold gave way before her comfort level, which is pretty good. Especially for a first-timer
  • he told her that at one point we'd take her to the bathroom and pee on her, which she seemed keen on. I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable with this. Don't get me wrong, I love watersports (probably my favorite perversion!) but I could tell I felt a little strange about doing it with Cathy, and in that way. We didn't do it.
I came eventually, and then left. They apparently kept fucking for a while, and then she stayed overnight. She called me the next morning (by which time I was in a different city, of course) and told me that she'd loved it and wanted to do it again. She also said that while she really enjoyed David's sheer bossiness, I was better at fucking. You know I love hearing this.

She said that after I'd gone David had said to her that he could tell that while she and I were good friends, she was much more sexually attracted to him. He needs to think this, I'm not sure why.


Anonymous said...

Are there people that don't like getting spanked???


Anonymous said...

David sounds like he is led by his ego, so of course it makes perfect sense that he needs to think he was the superior lover in your threesome.

Sounds like fun though!