Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr Love.

For reasons I can't fathom at all, women often ask me for dating and relationship advice. Me, of all people! It beggars belief.

One woman I've known for about 6 months, and as long as I've known her she's had a crush on a guy she met in an 'adult' chatroom. They talk sometimes on the phone, but mostly they're in this chatroom. He flirts with her a little, he flirts with some of the other women. She thinks they have a special bond, they're soulmates. He's a very handsome man in his mid-30s, she's early 40s and not exactly an oil painting (as we say here).

They've never met, even though he lives maybe 5 miles from her. They've arranged to meet a couple of times but he backs out just at the last minute. He tells her about the women from the site that he fucks. She still thinks they're soulmates.

I've been listening to this for six months. He says this, he says that. They have a special bond.... I point out to her that it's not much of a special bond if he's never taken the trouble to meet her for at least a drink. I could understand if he took advantage of her incredible naivite and fucked her senseless then avoided her, but he hasn't even bothered doing that.

I try to tell her that while this thing means a lot to her it clearly means nothing to him but she won't hear of it. In the meantime she hasn't had sex in about three years. I'm not going to fuck her but I'm sure she could find someone decent who would.


Anonymous said...

She needs to get the hell out of the chatroom and put a profile on Ashley Madison, stat. That is..if she's serious about getting laid.
I feel rather badly for her after reading your post. Its obvious that she is searching desperately for something, so desperately that she reads feelings and emotions into things when there are none there to be had to begin with. Poor thing.

J said...

I don't think Ashley Madison works here in Australia :(