Friday, October 3, 2008

Cathy. Update.

Let's call him David, the guy that Cathy found. To refresh your memory, Cathy and I had had quite a bit of very agreeable very vanilla sex earlier this year. Then - after I stopped - she decided she wanted to try some sub/dom stuff. After a couple of false starts and the usual blind alleys she's met this guy David. He's about 50, sensible and bossy.

He told her that he wants to see her being fucked by another guy. Which is where I come in, of course. This is scheduled for Thursday. I feel I owe you a progress report.

I spoke to David on the phone again a couple of days ago. His idea was that we get another woman involved as well. He described her to me and she does, indeed, sound fun. I said he should talk to Cathy to see whether she was up for it. And that I was happy either way: Me, David and Cathy, or me, David, Cathy and Miss X.

Then I immediately called Cathy, I wanted to speak to her before David put her on the spot. From my perspective, I'd much rather just the three of us. Why? Well, I really do love that two-men-one-woman dynamic, especially with this added twist that David's just going to be directing traffic. I like that whole idea of the woman being the center of attention, and there's something else too. It's something to do with the way that men are cruder than women, so that in MMF situation because of the 2-vs-1 outnumbering it's like the woman's somehow found herself in a male-themed space. There's not going to be scented candles or soft music. She's unmistakeably there to be fucked, you can feel it in the air.

And if we had this Miss X along I think it stops that from happening. Also, as I said to Cathy, if I were her I'd want to be the center of attention, being simultaneously put on a pedestal and objectified. If Miss X is there she'd miss that. It would all become a bit more genteel.

So what I said to Cathy was that while I was happy to do either, my preference was the 2-on-1. She agreed (and I have to point out that she's a very tough cookie and it's not like I was trying to convince her, I just wanted to let her know where I stood. David, of course, told her that I was very keen on having Miss X along. Which I thought he would do.) She told this to David.

I've spoken to Cathy a couple of times since then. She's very excited. She did tell me that one of the things that got her interesting in dom/sub stuff was her experience with me. How's that? It was extremely vanilla, wasn't it? Not quite. She said that from her perspective it seemed like I was firmly in charge and she found she loved it. So there.. I can add her to my list of nice women whom I've corrupted.


Anonymous said...

"I can add her to my list of nice women whom I've corrupted."

Corrupted or enlightened? :-)

Based on what you've written, I'm with you that an enjoyable MFM will corrupt Cathy further and leave her wanting more the next time (then again, I'm fussy and shy and I'd never meet someone for the first time where there's an expectation of sex).

But, I'm close to giving up looking for women for some things in my head, so perhaps use them while you've got them -- opportunity knocks and all :-).

Whoops, not one of those when only a few words will do.

Ms Robinson said...

It's interesting the whole MFM thing. I agree with you Trumpeter that it is fundamentally a male space and that's why I've enjoyed it. Plus I am very much a man's woman. However there have been occasions where I've felt incredibly powerful, even when the men have been in charge. The people and the place have to be right though.

Anonymous said...

Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy both MMF AND MMFF. I can't honestly say which one I preferred more, as they both had their high points. However, in this situation, I would have to agree that just you, Cathy and David should play. Miss X need not least not yet. If Cathy really wants the full experience of being dominated, having another woman there will dilute the power of it all.