Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friendly Policeman

You may recall that I had a plan for tomorrow that involves me, Harriet and a friendly policeman. The plan went like this. I'd be at Harriet's. She and I would get a bit worked up, then she was going to put some sort of scarf or something over her head, my friend the cop would arrive and fuck her, then he would leave without either of them seeing the other's face. She has vivid fantasies about this sort of thing, and I do love facilitating.
Me: he's very good at fucking
Her: how do you know?
Me: ....well..... he's fucked me a couple times
I live for this sort of dialogue. Anyway, Harriet's decided she's not quite ready to do this after all, which is fine. She said "I've decided that I don't have the strength this week to push my boundaries so far". (My italics). I said that was fine - which it is. Then she tried to explain how on the one hand she has these fantasies about being treated as a slut ("..the feeling of being used is very sexy to me..") but for that to work she also needs ".. a balance of sex where I feel adored and desired..". Then, to clarify, she adds "Please don't confuse this with wanting love or a relationship..". And you know what? I sort of do understand.

So I'm going over there on Thursday anyway. I'll be nice. After our play on Sunday we sat around for a while talking and she said she was meeting a few friends later that afternoon at a bar and would I like to come along, which I was very agreeably surprised at (I said no, I had other things on). When we first met she said she wanted someone just to have adventurous sex with, not to pal around with, and she specifically said that what this didn't include would be meeting each others' friends. So I was very chuffed to be invited.


collegehookerboy said...

Uh oh - she wants to act like you're in a relationship during sex then claim that she isn't looking for anything else. Andrew, trust me, she wants more. Well, I can't be 100 percent certain but I'm 86 percent sure that she wants more of your bisexual ass.
And, may I ask, do you usually bottom when you're with guys?

swingerwife said...

Hmmm...I think CHB has hit the nail on the head, here. Andrew, tread carefully. Very, very carefully. I'm not liking where this is going. At all.

thedirtyblonde said...

It's Thursday night in this little slice of the world and I'm curious, especially after CHB and swingerwife's observations ... tick, tick ...

trumpeter said...

Very good fun. More later. Now I have to get some sleep because tomorrow morning 0715 I'm on a plane to your neck of the woods, Dirtyblonde.

trumpeter said...

Also, CHB. More often I top. But I secretly prefer to bottom if I can find someone I really like. Usually has to be someone my age or older. Masculine. Helps if he's a cop. I'm quite fussy.