Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm "thoughtful AND nasty"!

In all these posts about Cathy, David, Miss X (even I get confused) I left a little teaser: "In the meantime, I got an extraordinary email from Harriet. I called her, we're meeting on Tuesday." Harriet?

I met her for a drink last week. She's mid30s, very attractive. Dark hair , olive skin, great body. I'd messaged her on some BDSM site she was on, and within a couple of days we were there in a bar, chatting. She drank beer, which I always really like in a woman.

She's in the fashion industry. She was married for a year, but now divorced. Her friends are all gay men. She hadn't had sex for a year, she said. Lately, she'd been watching lots of porn (she owns her own business and can do what she likes at work), especially porn where a woman's being ordered around by a man, or men.

She'd always known she liked this sort of thing, but it'd never really worked within the context of any of her relationships. One of her gay friends told her she needed to find someone just for that, so she went online, found the BDSM site I'm on.. and she says that mine was the first profile she saw and that she really liked it and was glad that I messaged her. Might be true... As I put her into a cab to go home she said "let's just be sex friends". Yes, let's!

Then she emailed me some descriptions of what she liked, and what she wanted to try. And also, what she didn't want to try. I love people who know what they want, and I even more love people who know what they don't want. (As an aside, instead of asking people what sort of music they like, try asking them what they don't like. Much more interesting answers, and more heartfelt.)

I went over to her place tonight. I had given her instructions. She had left her door unlocked, and was standing in the living-room with her back to the door. Fully-dressed, no shoes. Her toys and various other bits and pieces were laid out on the coffee table. I came in, closed the door, came up behind her and put on the blindfold. For the first little while I didn't say anything much, just the occasional intruction.

After a while we stopped, by then I'd taken off the blindfold. I told her there was a paper bag on the floor with two bottles of beer in it. She knew what to do.. she got the beers out (same brand she'd ordered when we met, an unusual choice) and handed one to me, and said it was very thoughtful of me. I agreed, and pointed out to her that being handed a beer by a kneeling woman who's naked except for a dog collar is right on so many levels. (It was her dog collar - she has a thing for it, as it turns out.)

We fucked some more, then we lay there for a bit, then I went home. Very pleased with myself. She sent me a text:

You fucking me was delightful, thoughtful and nasty. You're sexy. Finally a real man fucked me. I will be wanting more.

You know this sort of praise makes me even more insufferable.


Anonymous said...

It's one of the coolest things on earth when women understand what they want and aren't afraid of communicating it. She sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to end a year-long drought! It sounds like you two hit it off and I love that she wasn't shy in telling you what she did and didn't like!