Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy week.

Monday afternoon Lisa picked me up and we drove a couple of hours down the coast to a regional city. She was doing down there for some corporate training thing and she'd told her husband she was going down the evening before so she'd be nice and fresh for the first day. My encounters with Lisa have mostly been an hour or so here and there, which I rather like, but we'd also had pretty much a whole evening in a hotel room with some champagne, food and ecstasy and that had gone very well so we were looking for another opportunity.

I worry about Lisa. Or rather, I worry about Lisa and me. Her marriage is very rocky. She and I get on very well. She teases me sometimes about how she's never allowed to use the word 'love' around me. She compliments me, then watches as I struggle to say something back that strikes the right balance between being charming and distant.

We checked into the hotel and had dinner. I noticed that I was much more at ease around her - the same thing happened when we spent that lovely evening in a hotel room a month ago too. Maybe it's being out of our usual environment that makes me relaxed; I'm no longer trying to manage the Lisa-and-me situation, I'm just enjoying it for what it is. I told her a story over dinner that made her laugh so hard that the whole restaurant went eerily quiet. She even snorted.

Then back to the hotel room. Some champagne, some ecstasy. Some sex. There was one moment there where I found that I was having the most intensely erotic experience of my life. I told her. She said at one point that she'd completely surrendered to me. After we'd finished she said I was the best lover she'd ever had, which I was quite chuffed about. And there's something in that - these two hotel sessions with her had an intensity I'd never really imagined.

She loves being fucked in the ass. I pointed out that gay men (which I am, sometimes) know a hell of a lot about anal sex, and that if I was in a hotel room being fucked in the ass by a nice man I'd want to be huffing poppers. So I introduced her to the joy of anal sex on poppers, which she now loves.

The next day, I flew down to Melbourne where I'll be for the next couple of days. And normally I wouldn't get up to anything fun in Melbourne (certainly not with women) but I'd had a bit of luck with a contact... a referral.

Huh? A gay friend of mine had mentioned me to his boss, who's a married woman in her 30s. She likes to fuck around a bit but has problems finding guys who are sensible and available and who understand that a quick lunchtime fuck with a married woman - even if it's repeated a few times - is only just that: a quick lunchtime fuck. He showed her my picture on my gaydar profile and she recognised me! She'd seen my face on some straight site. He asked me if he could pass on my details and I was, of course, delighted.

She and I have been messaging back and forth a bit, and we met up Thursday lunchtime in an agreeably seedy hotel. I'd told her to leave the door unlocked and to be facing away from the door, fully-dressed but with no shoes on. You might recognise the no-shoes thing as a bit of a pattern and be wondering whether I have a foot fetish. I don't. But for one thing, I don't like having to take a woman's shoes off becase it disrupts the flow. Also, there's a teensy bit of a control element in it. She asked if I was really sure, and helpfully pointed out that she normally would be wearing 6-inch heeled boots. All the more reason to get her in bare feet, I think. I hate that whole boots thing.

So I walked into this hotel room (and it was actually quite nice) and she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Wearing nice work clothes (she's my friend's boss after all) which I like. She's very sexy, as it turns out. And I was nicely aroused. We had a lovely time. She, it turns out, likes to be ravished. Which I was quite in the mood for.

We agreed afterwards that my friend didn't need to know we'd fucked. We'll do it again too. Lisa called me yesterday afternoon to chew the fat and I told her what I'd been up to, mostly to see what sort of reaction she'd have. She had, as it happened, just had sex with this guy Steve , who she and I have been talking about a lot as a likely candidate for our next little MMF adventure. She wants to see me fuck Steve.

Last night I went out to a concert with my ex-boyfriend Sam. He knows all about all this. When he and I were together we were both somewhere in the gray area between straight and gay. He's kept going and is pretty much completely gay (he told me once, not very regretfully, that he'd eaten his last pussy). Whereas I'm... well, a bit all over the place.

As I walked towards Sam on the street corner where we'd agreed to meet I thought, for about the thousandth time, that he's incredibly hot.

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thedirtyblonde said...

I like Lisa's sense of adventure ande bravado.

I've never done poppers or Es; anything like E that plays with serotonin levels scares me a little because of my occasional challenges with mental health. How do poppers change Lisa's experience of anal sex, may I ask?