Friday, June 12, 2009

Lisa. The Good Doctor. Claire. I think that's about all.

Lisa came over twice this week. She's been having issues with her husband, which has sort of set off alarm bells for me, but I console myself with the thought that I've never said it was about anything other than sex. And the sex, I have to say, is superb.

First time around was Wednesday morning and I was a bit distracted with work (yes, I'm working again now) but still managed to a reasonably thorough job. We lay around in bed for a while afterwards, as we do, talking. My flat's in a very urban area but when you lie in my bed (as you will, I'm sure) you can only see clear blue sky, the tops of some trees a few feet from the window, and some cheeky lorikeets cavorting in the trees. Except for the sounds of traffic and police sirens you could almost imagine yourself in some bucolic splendor. My room has pale blue walls, which I like a lot. (I didn't do that.)

I was out of town all day Thursday and got back late, but not so late that I couldn't squeeze in a little fun. My acquaintance Dr Cox was in town, and while I'd had some fun with him a couple of times over summer, we hadn't managed to catch up since. What with him being in a different city. But as luck would have it he was in Sydney on business for a day or two so I went over to his hotel room and he... well.. let's just say he gave me a very thorough exam. He had been trying to get another 'patient' as well but that had fallen through. The guy's name was Julian, so I figured he would have been a knob anyway.

Back to Lisa. I got an email from her on Friday morning. Now, when I said I did 'a reasonably thorough job' with her on Wednesday there was something I didn't do. And which she's become very used to. It's like that thing where you walk past a guy painting a fence or something, and sometimes you can't help it, you just have to say "hey mate, you missed a bit..."

She had emailed me this on Thursday night. Probably when I was in the middle of being examined by Dr Cox:
In light of potentially being out of action next week, it might be a nice idea to have my ass fucked tomorrow.
I wasn't actually all that horny but I told her come over late afternoon. I figured by then I'd be able to sort her out. Which I did. We probably won't see each other next week (we both have work commitments). Which might not be a bad thing.

Oh, and I went out last night with Claire. Who, you'll be pleased to know, I'm not really in love with any more. Or not very much anyway. We saw a movie, had dinner. She asked me, as she does, when I'd last had sex and I looked at my watch and said "about three hours ago". She drove me home, and as we got in the car she said quite matter-of-factly "I love you, Trevor" (Trevor's not my name, of course. She used my real name. Which you SO don't need to know.) I said quite quietly "and I love you, Claire, I always have" and off we went.

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