Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yes, Doctor?

It's been a while, I know, but I've not been completely idle. I was in a different city and was otherwise occupied for a while so I didn't get up to all that much (except that thing on my ex-wife's living-room floor with Judith, which I already shared with you).

I did, however, get up to something else while I was there. I'd been contacted by a man who was keenly interested in doctor/patient roleplay. We chatted a little and it turned out he'd done this quite a lot. He was always the doctor, and he even had some clothes and props and whatnot. He was quite restrictive about when he could meet up so I assumed (correctly, as it turned out) that he had a partner. Now, I quite liked that. It meant that he's less likely to be a weirdo who lives in his basement and watches lots of Star Trek and more likely to be a pretty normal guy who just likes a bit of pervy imaginative sex on the side. And as you can imagine, I'm quite comfortable with that.

He gave me his number, I called.. and to my surprise and delight he had a mid-western american accent. I found this pretty compelling and we both did a bit of schedule re-arranging and worked out that we could meet up the following afternoon.

So less that 24 hours after he first messaged me, I knocked on the door of the townhouse he lives in. He opened the door and I was agreeably surprised. He's short and stocky, with neatly-cut straw-colored hair in a side-part. Wearing chinos and a nice shirt, over which he had a doctor's gown. He looked, in fact, like a pharmacist in a busy midwestern town. I loved it.

We had a bit of preliminary patter; we had decided that the setup (my idea, mostly) was that I was going for a new job which I really wanted and that having landed the job the last stage - just a formality, I assumed - was a company medical. For insurance purposes or something. We stayed in character the whole time.

There were a few routine questions, then a bit of professional-seeming prodding and poking while I was still fully-clothed. Then shirt off.. stethoscope. More prodding. Then pants off. He had asked beforehand that I wear white briefs, which I was happy to oblige with.

He produced a paper cup and told me that I'd need to provide a urine sample, and that he'd need to be present to observe. I was, of course, embarassed but didn't have much choice. In these things I always play the same character. I'm naive, straight(ish), reluctant.

Then there was (and I'll skip ahead quite quickly now) a very thorough examination of my cock, balls and ass. And then, finally, a semen sample.

Afterwards I got dressed. He told me the results would be sent to my company, but that there might need to be a follow-up.

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