Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FC, Tina and where did my day go?

You recall, I'm sure, how I told you about seeing my friend FC and Tina on Friday. And how it'd been a lot of fun, partly because I just did a cameo, a walk-on part. I was there all of 15 or 20 minutes.

Part of the reason I liked it like that so much was as a contrast to my previous session with the two of them, which had been a couple of weeks ago. Here's what we got up to (Sarah wanted me to email her with the details, so I obliged) -

i got there a bit after 7. it was at my friend [FC]'s place in [ ]. He's a cop. About my age. Very nice guy. Used to be gay, now likes fucking women. The other guest was already there. Tina (not her real name) is early 40s, quite tidy. I've met her before, with [FC].
We sat down and chatted and had a drink. Then we have to wind the clock forward two and a half fucking hours.

The general setup when [FC] and I do Tina (if I can generalise) is that she really really loves being fucked hard. So he and I pretty much take turns. She goes right off, it's lovely. So if I'm fucking her, [FC]'s either watching or getting her to suck his cock. Then we'll use a bit of hand signals to coordinate switching over after a while, it's quite hard work. We give each other occassional thumbs-up.. 'well done', that sort of thing.

When he fucks her I would sometimes go in the living room and have a leisurely swig of my beer, then wander back to observe. A couple of times I got underneath her (she likes being fucked from behind, ass in the air) to lick her clit while she was being fucked. Nice view from there too.

One item she'd put on the agenda for this particular evening was that she wanted to see a bit of man-on-man action, so I obliged by sucking his cock. While I was fucking her, of course. She loved that. She also wanted the two of us to kiss, which we did. Although I don't really like kissing men, it's very gay. (And yes, I know exactly how hypocritical this sounds.)

After a while of this I get a bit bored. i have to say. esecially as it was getting quite late. But towrds the end he started playing with my ass, which she noticed and liked. He didnt fuck me (he's actually the only guy who's fucked me in the last year and a half). While he was playing with my ass I figured I needed a distraction and i started fisting her which sent her right off. She eventually came (for about the 17th time) and we all called it quits.
Anyway, the problem with all this was that the whole thing took hours and hours. We sat around talking and drinking for more than two hours before play started. Don't get me wrong, I like sitting around and yakking, and I generally don't like having sex with someone I wouldn't talk with, so it's not usually an issue. But generally, if I'm going to talk to someone for that long it's because they're someone I'm a bit in love with in some way or another (Claire, Prudence, Sam). If I can digress, many years ago a colleague who was a noted swordsman told me his big secret. He said that the trick is that if you talk to a woman for 4 or 5 hours she almost certainly will let you plunge the tusk. But I remember thinking that that sounded like a hell of a long time and there's no way I'd talk to someone that long - the sex just wouldn't be worth it.

Anyway, so on Monday afternoon I got a call from FC asking me if I was free at 3pm. I said "yes" without thinking and then he said that he and Tina were getting together at 3 and I should come over. I wasn't all that crazy about the idea, and I realised that I'd been hoping that he'd called me because he had found someone else we could fuck that afternoon, but it was too late. I couldn't really back out.

So at 3pm I turned up at FC's place, Tina joined us shorter thereafter. We sat and talked, and then talked some more. I found myself yawning and feeling desperately tired and I finally asked whether they'd mind if I had a nap. So I did just that - I went into FC's bedroom, undressed and lay on the bed and slept for an hour or so while they kept drinking and talking. Then, they came in, woke me up, we all had sex and then I left.

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