Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was busy, especially the afternoon. I had to be in Balmain mid-afternoon to have coffee with that headhunter who may or may not have a crush on me, then I had to go to North Sydney to see my accountant and then I had to be in Potts Point at 630 for a BBQ with my charming friend Craig. And in the middle of this logistical nightmare I get a text message from my friend the friendly policeman, asking whether I was free around 530ish to lend him a hand. Tina was coming over and she does love being tag-teamed.

I said yes without a moment's hesitation (the three of us have gotten together a couple of times now) but by the time I got there I was very hot and stressed and only had a few minutes.

He and I did our usual setup.. she on the bed on all fours, sideways, one of us at either end and swapping over every so often.

As I'd been walking to his apartment I had been wondering whether I'd even be able to get a hardon, it was hot and I was stressed and not remotely horny but there was something about the indecent haste and the matter-of-factness of it that really got me going and I ended up coming very quickly, to everyone's surprise.

Tina still wants to see him fuck me; we'll save that for next time.

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