Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovely evening.

Thursday afternoon I had invited Friendly Policeman (who I'll now call FC, for the purposes of this blog) over to my place so we could share Jane (as described in my last post - by the way, she loved seeing him fucking me). Last night he returned the favour. I went over to his place about 830 and we sat around talking for a while. He's quite an interesting and thoughtful man.

When I chatted with Jane after our fuck-fest she said that she thought he came across as being very gay (except when he was fucking her, of course). But you'd expect that: he's an out gay man who happens to like sex with women. I have a few gay friends who are 'straight-curious', some of them even like watching straight porn, but they like the straightforwardness and availabilty of gay sex too much. Friendly Cop told me that after he'd come out as gay in his early 20s he'd been quite happy, then in his mid-30s he started lusting after women, and then in the last few years had re-engaged with them. Sexuality really is fascinating. He hasn't told his colleagues he fucks women - he said the police force is very tolerant and accomodating to gay men and that if he came out as being a bit straight it'd get complicated.

After a while his friend Tina arrived. She's a very well-preserved and lively woman in her early 40s. We sat around chatting for half an hour or so (I was, of course, being completely charming) then at FC's suggestion we went into the bedroom where he and I took it in turns fucking her for what seemed to me to be a couple of hours (but you know what a short attention span I have). FC and I would give each other little hand signals: "good job!", "your turn", "you take the other end" etc. And there was a large mirror on the wardrobe so it did all have that agreeable porny quality to it.

Afterwards we all got dressed, then she drove me home. She sent me an email this morning (must have gotten my address from FC) with a very nice thank you and the tantalising sentence "Would love to explore more stuff with you."

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