Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update (I know you've been wondering)

Monday night: a date, which went fairly well until I told her that my last real relationship was with a guy. She didn't seem to mind but it made me feel like a weirdo.

Tuesday night: theater with Iris. I told her my Claire dilemma - she's met Claire, amazingly enough. Spent an hour on the phone with Claire in the evening.

Wednesday afternoon: Harriet cut my hair, and did a superb job. I'm once again smokin' hot. Then on the way back to my place I dropped in on Claire in her studio. I was reminded again of how incredibly gorgeous she is.

Wednesday night: out with Judith, a few drinks then sex and a sleepover. She told me something more about herself, it turns out she's incredibly well-connected and may end up being a useful contact for some work I'm trying to do.

Thursday: hangover, also very tired. Out for drinks with people you don't need to know about.

Friday: lunch with Claire. We had japanese then lay on the grass in the park. I've had such a superb week. I just can't see how my life could be any better.

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Anonymous said...

I want to know about the Thursday people.