Saturday, December 27, 2008

In which I meet another blogger...

Christmas day - after I'd done the family stuff - I sat in a park and chatted for a couple of hours with another blogger. A sex blogger, of course. She and I read each others' stuff, we email a bit and we decided it'd be fun to meet. And it was.

It was a chaste affair, the two of us sitting on the hard-baked ground, a dozen or so yards from some boisterous family groups. I suspect I did quite a lot more talking than listening (for which I apologize, a bit half-heartedly) but I'd been doing family stuff for a few days on the trot and I was eager for some adult conversation.

What was she like, I can hear you ask? Articulate, sensible and adventurous!

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Anonymous said...

But did you get some adult conversation?