Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other neighbor, Lisa and watersports.

Years ago, when I was still married and fooling around a lot on the side with guys, I decided it would be fun to try to fool around with women as well. But how? Apart from being married to one, I really didn't know much about women. One of my colleagues told me that the secret is to find a woman in a bar or a club and talk to her for five hours. Then, he assured me, you're almost certain to plunge the tusk. Five hours? I don't have that much time for anything.

Anyway. I joined an 'adult' dating site. There was a woman on there whose profile seemed ok (she could spell and seemed quite straightforward - didn't want to be wined and dined and none of that stuff about expecting to be treated like 'a lady', which usually means they have lots of tatts and a broken nose) so I messaged her and within a day or two we were having a drink. At the opera bar. I was very nervous, I had no idea how to play it. It was, as I discovered later, her first time meeting someone from a fucking site so she was very unsure as well. So we had a drink and talked about work. She was attractive in a fairly unspectacular way but I could tell she was a bit underwhelmed.

We exchanged email addresses and then the whole thing trailed off.. never met again. I went on to meet many other women, and, as I'm now quite a bit more confident and better at pushing an agenda, I got to fuck many of them. Sometimes over and over again. (Lisa. Judith. Cathy.)

Then one day I stumbled upon her profile again. Let's call her Sue. I re-read it and thought it sounded great, and I remembered that she'd been quite attractive so I threw caution to the wind and emailed her again. We ended up chatting on msn. She told me that she'd been very nervous when we'd met, and that my being so nervous made it worse. We chatted some more. And, much to my surprise, she told me that she had many fantasies about watersports. Watersports! My favorite perversion! We discussed this at some length, she even sent me links to particular representations of it in porn that she liked.

By this stage I had moved from where I'd been living where we'd first met, and I was now (as we figured out) just around the corner from her. I've forgotten what she looks like, but she has recognized me in the street a couple of times. I suggest meeting up. She thinks about it, says maybe next week.. then backs out. Her issue is that now we're neighbors it's too risky. I can sort of understand this, but it's immensely frustrating.

Anyway. I was chatting to her the other day and I told her I'd managed to have some lovely watersports fun. She wanted the details. So this is what I sent her...
[Sue] -

My lovely friend [Lisa] came over the week before last (we see each other once or twice a month). Wednesday, lunchtime-ish, as usual. She's nice, and adventurous. Loves being fucked in the ass, which is another of my favorites. Also loves MMF situations, but that's another story.

We'd done some watersports stuff once before and she really liked it. And this day I'm talking about, she was nice and horny so I suggested it again. One thing about watersports (in my limited experience) is that you have to think about a bit about what you're going to do, and where and how. We went to the bathroom, both naked. I got her to stand in the shower, bent over at the waist about 45 degrees, hands on the shower wall. With her legs spread so I could play with her pussy and her ass.

She stood there for a little while, trying to piss for me. Of course, the problem was that I can't just leave her pussy and ass alone, I kept licking and fingering her and of course it was too distracting. I knew it was going to take a while but I'm quite happy in that situation and can keep myself busy just playing with her. Two holes.. so much to do etc.

But after couple minutes we had to re-think the whole thing (for one thing, it was too cold to stand naked in the bathroom all afternoon). So we ended up doing what we'd done first time: I lay down in the bath (with a towel underneath me for comfort) and she sort of squatted over me, her pussy just about touching the head of my cock. Well of course I couldnt resist running the head of my cock along her pussy, as I do. But I did manage to stop, and after concentrating for a minute or so she started pissing on my cock.

I was almost beside myself.. I'm seeing all this, my cock almost inside her pussy, she's pissing on my cock head. And all over my cock and balls. Lovely. Then, after she finished (which took a while, I'd texted her earlier and told her to drink lots of water) I returned the favor. She stayed squatting over my cock and I pissed as I ran my cock over her pussy lips and her ass.

I'm getting a lovely hardon as I think about it. Enjoy!
I've asked Sue for marks out of 10 for my essay. I'll update you. On a stylistic note, I don't much like the word 'pussy' but I don't want to run the risk of putting her off by using cunt.

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